52 Lists Project v. 34 // Random Or Quirky Things About Me

In this week’s list, I get to share some of the more random and/or quirky things about me. It took me a few minutes to get a list going in my head. I take myself far too seriously.


I eat popcorn, without fail, every night.

I may (or may not) indulge in M&Ms while eating my popcorn.

I like Ranch Dressing with my French Fries.

I despise socks and pretty much wear flip flops or slip on shoes all year round.

I sleep with my dog. She mainly stays at the foot of my bed.

I triple check my alarms each night before bed.

Yes, I set more than one alarm.

Sometimes I laugh so hard I cry and stop breathing momentarily.

When I paint, I paint with my fingers and hands.

All of my kids are taller than me now.

I can type about 60wpm

I still use Shorthand to take phone messages.

We have a zillion blankets at home, but I have to have the same one while watching tv at night.

I homeschool my 8th grader while working full time.

What is something random or quirky about you? I would love for you to share in the comments below.

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