31 Days of Coffee Talk With Jesus

During the month of October, I am joining The Nester and a few hundred other bloggers in writing a 31 Day Series on a topic close to our hearts.  Here are all of the posts in my series “31 Days of Coffee Talk With Jesus”.  I pray that you are blessed by reading.

Day 1 – Come On In And Have A Seat
Day 2 – Do You Trust Me?
Day 3 – Just Breathe
Day 4 – I See You
Day 5 – Relabeling
Day 6 – Tear Down Those Walls
Day 7 – Let Me Wash Over You
Day 8 – You Are Not A Failure
Day 9 – You Are Good
Day 10 – You Are Loved
Day 11 – You Are Valued
Day 12 – I Am In Awe Of You
Day 13 – You Are Forgiven
Day 14 – You Are Free
Day 15 – You Were Made For Greatness
Day 16 – You Were Made To Shine
Day 17 – You Were Made To Love
Days 18 & 19 – Go Ahead and Dream
Day 20 – I Hear You!
Day 21 – Quiet Your Heart
Days 22 & 23 – My Delight Is In You
Day 24 – I Will Hold You
Day 25 – I Believe In You
Days 26 & 27 – I Will Carry You
Day 31 – Come Away and Rest

37 thoughts on “31 Days of Coffee Talk With Jesus

  1. Barbie, I’ve decided to do this with you. I’m doing 31 days of gratitude. There’s plenty for me to complain about as I pack and prepare to move so I better keep my eyes on Jesus and find the gratitude before I get an attitude.

      1. Your’e too sweet. Of course you’re welcome to read any time. This was the 31 day series in did last year. I hope to be publishing by book “Coffee Talk with Jesus” in November”! Pray you are blessed. And I hope to have new topic to write on this coming October!

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