Worship and the Power of Your Song

I was going through my journal today and found my notes from when Dan McCollam visited Convergence Supernatural School of Ministry back in March, 2009. I thought I would share some awesome insight he gave about the power of the song.

  1. A song delights the heart of the Father. God is looking for worshippers. Worship is for the delight of the Father.
  2. A song displaces the enemy and overturns atmospheres. (1 Samual 16:23) The battle is for air space, establishing air supremecy through worship.
  3. A song carries a breaker anointing that shatters chains and yokes of bondage.
  4. A song opens up atmospheres of supernatural encounters. (1 Samuel 10: 6; 19)
  5. A song refreshes, encourages and instructs the saints. (Eph. 5:17-19; Col. 3:16) Your experience will always rise to the level of your declaration. Songs have the power to shape mindsets. It’s not those who write the laws who shape a generation, but those who write songs.
  6. A song releases personal transformation. (2 Cor. 3:18; 2 Peter 1) Whatever you see in Him you can have in you. Whatever you behold, you become.
  7. A song activates the Kingdom of Heaven. If you want Heaven on earth, you must establish the same atmosphere as Heaven = Worship!

There is a song inside of you that only you can sing. It doesn’t matter how good you sing. God loves to hear your voice praising Him. Worship is a powerful tool. It brings us into the presence of the Lord and it sends the enemy to flight. On those days when I am finding it hard to pray, I simply put on worship music and I find myself with renewed strength and clarity to pray. On nights I cannot sleep I put on soaking music in my iPod that draws me into the presence of the Lord. I can’t wait to get to Heaven. I am going to fit right in with the Angels around the throne who get to worship the Lord 24/7! But I can start now. You can too!

Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the LORD, all the earth.   (Psalm 96:1)

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