Aimee at This Beloved Life was doing this and I thought it looked like fun! 
I am: content
I know: that God loves me!
I want: to make a difference in someone’s life
I have: unfulfilled dreams that God is resurrecting
I wish: I could take my kids to Disneyland
I hate: cancer
I miss: my grandmother
I fear: not fulfilling God’s purpose for my life
I feel: tired
I hear: my son hunting for food in the kitchen
I smell: popcorn
I crave: moments alone with my Jesus
I search: for approval. I am working on this.
I regret: nothing. Everything I’ve gone through has made me stronger
I love: hugs and kisses from my kids
I care: for the brokenhearted
I always: sleep longer than I should in the morning
I believe: that good things are on the horizon
I dance: when no one is watching
I sing: because He brings me Joy!
I don’t always: read my Bible. I miss a day here and there.
I truly desire: to be used to bring hope, encouragement and healing to others
I like:  coffee, chocolate, romantic movies, long talks with friends, date nights with my hubby
 I write: to please God and no one else
I lose: when I don’t seize the moments God gives me
I win: because God loves me and I love Him
I try: to stay organized
I never: thought I would have a blog, let alone three!
I am grateful: for God’s unfailing love
I listen: to worship music 24/7
I am scared: to weigh myself in the morning
I need: to get more sleep
I am happy that: my son is doing better in school
I tag: anyone who would like to play

3 thoughts on “I…”

  1. Julie@comehaveapeace says:

    Oh, Barbie, I love this too! What a fun way to know you better. We have a lot in common. And I think you need to let yourself take a nap today … me too. πŸ™‚

  2. Theresa says:

    Hi Barbie. What a cute game. You now have me in the mood for popcorn!

  3. Kelly @ Blessed Mommy, Blessed Wife says:

    I love this idea! I'm going to file it away for a day that I can't come up with anything πŸ™‚ Loved reading your "answers"!

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