Life In The Fast Lane

I am over at 5 Minutes for Faith today, talking about living life in the fast lane.  Here is a little teaser:

I’ve never been one to enjoy the thrill of a fast moving car.  I’ve had the occasion to find myself in one a time or two.  Buckled up tightly, I hung on for dear life as I was tossed to and fro, whipping around turns as the outside world passed me by in a blur.  I am older and wiser now and would never choose to be in a fast moving vehicle.  But my life can feel like one at times, as I am whipped to and fro, backwards and forward, taking sharp turns and enduring sudden starts and stops.  On those days, life passes me by and I wonder where the day went.

I hope you will head over to 5 Minutes for Faith and read the rest of my post.  Please leave a comment here or there and let me know what you think.

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2 Responses

  1. Julia Schemmer says:

    Sounds like a great post. (:

    And I can relate, because my brother in love drives a Camero…haha(:

  2. Jami says:

    Oh I have so many days like this it seems. Headed over to read the rest! xoxo

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