• I love him so! #nathancalebpereira #nanalife
  • Celebrating this guy today!! Happy 14th birthday @aaron_swi I can't believe my baby boy is growing up. You make life fun. You are charming, intelligent, full of courage and a peacemaker. God has amazing plans for your life. Stay focused on Him and always be true to who you are. We love you son!!
  • Are you new to homeschooling and looking for some practical advice and sound wisdom? Come read my review of an amazing product for homeschoolers. Link in profile. @apologiaworld #hsreviews
  • My view. #nathancalebpereira #nanalife
  • After work delight
  • As a homeschool mom, teaching Health education is important. Over the last several weeks we've been enjoying streaming videos on health, hygiene, puberty and more. There is a special offer for Homeschool families. Link in profile. #hsreviews

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