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This week, we are back to school.  I have been checking in on all of the homsechool blogs that I follow, getting organization and scheduling tips.  I have never considered myself a homeschool mom, even though for the last two years my teenager was in the home doing school on line.  I wasn’t here most of the time.  So maybe it wasn’t home schooling.  And it was public school, and most homeschoolers I know teach Christian principles.  However, this year I can call myself a “homeschool mom”.  I like the sound of that.  Today, my 6th grader starts public school on line through the California Virtual Academy.  Having a middle school student in this program will require alot more advanced prep and hands on involvement from me than I did when my high school student was in the program.

And that former high school student, now a Junior, will actually be homeschooling though a private charter for the next two years, doing Christian curriculum.  I have received some amazing support from friends who have taken my hand and helped me along in this process.  They have actually helped to school him in Math and Biology through the summer.  I am so grateful.

I still work a full time job, and have another child who will attend the 3rd grade in public school in September.  Yet God is answering the desire of my heart to homeschool my children.  It may not look like it does in your home, but I am grateful for the opportunity.  In one way or another, that dream will become a reality.  We will have to be creative with our schedule and the time of day we do school.  And I still pray for ways that I can be in the home more and not have to work as much.  With an unemployed husband it seems next to impossible, but I know that with God, anything is possible.
So much to be grateful for today, so I continue to count my gifts!

Grace gifts 231-241

231.  50lbs. of free curriculum delivered to my door.
232.  Securing another laptop for my daughter’s on line schooling.
233.  The AT&T rep who spent an hour on the phone with me yesterday after my internet settings went haywire.
234.  Two empty shelves now filled with books, science and art supplies for my daughter’s easy reference.
235.  A friend who is walking me through the homeschooling process.
236.  Learning how to write a “course of study”.
237.  Financial blessing of the private homeschooling being paid for this year!
238.  A son who is actually excited about school this year.
239.  Encouraging friends.
240.  A supportive husband.
241.  A God who will keep me sane through this entire process.

I am linking up with A Holy Experience where we are sharing our list of what we are thankful for. Will you join me?  Or leave a comment below and let me know what you are thankful for as you begin this school year.


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17 Responses

  1. says:

    What an amazing blessing! So happy for you that you are able to homeschool amid the challenges. And free curriculum! Wonderful!

  2. Lisa Tucker says:

    It doesn’t matter what it looks like in my home … because that is only what God has called me to.

    It matters what it looks like in yours, for you and for God as He has allowed it to look!
    Be encouraged … you are a great mom to your kids, hand picked by a sovereign God who loves them and you and in His infinite wisdom and by His abundant grace gave you to each other … you to train them up, them to learn from you, all of you to love and enjoy one another.  Be blessed on this next school year, and said a prayer for the desires of your heart to come to fruition!


  3. Renee says:

    When entering their high school years, I actually took my daughters out of the much-loved, tuition-paid, Christian school they had been in all of their lives…and it was one of the best decisions I ever made 🙂  We loved it!  I agree with Lisa below.  Each family – and mom – is unique, and God will direct y’all as you love and train your own precious children.  I love your list!

    I’m praying for you & your family today – Happy Tuesday  🙂

  4. Terrylee5151 says:

    What a super way to feature another blogger.  Very Nice!!   I might have to do something like that on my blog.

  5. Kerri Smith says:

    Thanks for this inspiration, Barbie. I have been looking into home schooling my little ones for sometime now but never thought it would be “doable” while I was working (even though now I am working from home) so I sent my 5yo off to kindergarten last year. I still browse through curriculum in hopes that maybe one day things will be different and will continue to pray that if this is truly where God is leading me, that He shows me a way to be able to dedicate the needed time to my children’s education!!
    I love your #241…I wouldn’t be sane if it wasn’t for Him guiding me through each day!!

  6. Lisa says:

    This sums it all up perfectly, ” it seems next to impossible, but I know that with God, anything is possible.”  Your list shows all the ways He has already provided.  😉

  7. Jennifer_StudioJRU says:

    Sounds like you are all ready for some wonderful learning… so many blessings! How great that your son is excited for school! A supportive husband makes all the difference, doesn’t it. Such a gift. 🙂

  8. Child of God says:

    So glad that you can home school and work! Hope the school year moves along smoothly. 🙂

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Love your gratitude list!  Blessings on you and yours this school year.

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