Humility and Anointing for Public Ministry

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Over the course of the Song, the Bride has moved from a place of immature love into a place of partnering with Jesus in love.  As she has learned to embrace her Bridal identity, her sole purpose is to serve in ministry alongside her Beloved all of her days, in humility and with the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

(*As I am still receiving revelation on these later passages of the Song, I am taking this post straight from Mike Bickle’s notes this week. His copyright is the right to copy.)

Partnership expressed through humility in public ministry.

Oh, that You were like my brother, who nursed at my mother’s breasts! If I should find You outside, I would kiss You; I would not be despised. 2 I would lead You and bring You into the house of my mother, she who used to instruct me. I would cause You to drink of spiced wine, of the juice of my pomegranate.  (Songs 8:1-2)

The mother is a picture of the church.  God is our father and the Church is spoken of as our mother. The redeemed from history are represented as a “mother” that gave birth to Jesus (manchild) and the believers that come after her (Rev. 12:5, 17).

The Bride longs to boldly display her loyalty and affection to Jesus in public. She prays, “O, that You, Jesus, were like my brother.” It was improper to express public affection to members of the opposite sex that were not in one’s immediate family.  A brother who nursed at her mother’s breasts speaks of a full brother instead of a half brother.  Children from the same mother is meant as a contrast to children with one father but different mothers. In ancient times, men had several wives. Therefore, many siblings had the same father but a different mother. They often were rivals as Absalom was with Amnon (2 Sam. 13).

The Bride prays that if she should find Jesus outside in a public place that she would be able to kiss Him without being despised.  She desires to express the fullness of her heart to Him in public without being misunderstood and despised.  But she recognizes that certain aspects of her private life with Jesus are best restrained in public.  She will be despised if she has an inappropriate boldness in public.  It causes hindrances to the gospel. We don’t express everything God gives us in every setting.  We walk in love when we restrain our liberty on some occasions because of those who do not understand (Rom.14:14-15:2; 1Cor.14:20, 23-33, 6-19).

Bridal partnership is expressed in anointed ministry.

I would lead You and bring You into the house of my mother, she who used to instruct me. I would cause You to drink of spiced wine, of the juice of my pomegranate. (Song 8:2)

The Bride desires to bring Jesus to places through anointed ministry without seeking to establish her own name and ministry.  Jesus allows us to make some of the decisions in His kingdom.  He blesses some of what we decide in the outworking of His purposes. This reveals the dignity He has given us as co-heirs with Him (Rom.8:17).  A mature believer only desires to lead Jesus in a way that honors Him.

She desires to bring Jesus to her mother’s house, to those who instructed her, to the very people that initially taught her the things of God.  She is willing to minister the truths of Jesus in the context of the people who knew her when she was just starting to walk with God.  She desires to bring the deep things of God to her mother’s house or to those in the church.  The Bride has so much gratitude toward those who taught her in her beginning days and honors the people that first trained her by seeking to serve them.  Her desire is to return blessing to those who helped her. We must honor the heritage the Lord sovereignly gave us. We must not be critical of those we started with because they don’t always grow into the deeper things of God.

The Bride longs to give her best to Him by praying, “I would cause You to drink of spiced wine, of the juices of my pomegranate.”  When hosting an honored guest, one would mix wine with spices because it is a much more pleasant drink.  It was much more expensive but it was appropriate when seeking to honor a guest with their best.  She longs to give her best to Jesus regardless of how much it costs her. In saying, “I would cause You to drink” she promises to attend to His every desire as she serves Him as her honored guest.  The juice of my pomegranate speaks of the sweet things of grace that she experiences in her inner life.  The foundation of her ministry is what she experiences in the secret place with God.

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