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“That’s Not Fair!”

I am featured over at 5 Minutes for Faith today, talking about when life isn’t fair.  Here is a little teaser:

As a mom, I sometimes hear certain statements made by my children that could rattle my nerves.  One of those is the beloved “that’s not fair” statement.  As a parent, it is my responsibility to teach my children about fairness.  Even so, to a child, almost everything that goes against what they desire is unfair.  At least in my household it is.  If something doesn’t go their way, it’s automatically not fair.  “Mom, why does sissy get to stay up later?  Because she’s older.“That’s not fair!”


I hope you will pop on over to 5 Minutes for Faith and read the rest of my post.  Won’t you leave a comment here or there and let me know you stopped by?

2 thoughts on ““That’s Not Fair!””

  1. Jennifer_StudioJRU says:

    What a wonderful post Barbie! I remember saying that growing up too. 🙂 Know I understand that HE knows what is best for me and I just have to have the faith to trust that. We may not always understand, but eventually we have our ‘I see now’ moment! 🙂

  2. Kerri Smith says:

    This is a statement I have heard many a time in my role as a mom!! Looking forward to reading the rest!

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