{Unwrapping Jesus} A tenderhearted King

She was sitting at the table, just having finished her lunch.  Appearing somewhat frustrated and confused, she was looking around, as if missing someone.  I could tell when her eyes met those of the one she loved, for they lit up as with a smile.  She breathed in hope.  She felt safe now.

He came and sat down beside her.  Anxious words poured forth from her heart.  He leaned in closer.  He did not want to miss a single word she spoke.  His full attention was on her.  He appeared patient and kind.

She was frail.  As she stood up, he offered his arm.  She grabbed a hold tightly until her footing was sure.  He took her by the arm and guided her every step, careful to not allow her to bump into anything, as her dark glasses made it difficult to see.  Out the door they went.  She being carried on the arm of her beloved, a man with a tender and compassionate heart.

I witnessed this exchange today, between a beautiful elderly couple.  The man’s love for his wife was apparent by the love and compassion he showed towards her.  And I was reminded once again of my Jesus.  He who came, wrapped up in mercy, kindness and love.  These gifts He brought.  For me.  I saw Jesus through this man today.

  • When I speak, I have His full attention.  For He leans over the balcony of heaven just to hear my voice.  He does not grow impatient with me, even when I mumble, groan or complain.
  • He is my Rock, my Fortress.  He will not allow me to fall.  He guides me through the darkness by His strong Right Hand.  He sets my feet upon the right path.
  • He comes to me when I look for Him.  He does not hide His face from me.
  • His love never fails!

Today I am unwrapping the gift of a tenderhearted King.  Jesus, full of  mercy and compassion.  His love never ends!

The Lord is merciful and compassionate, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.  (Psalm 145:8 NLT)



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4 Responses

  1. Oh, beautiful! Leaning over, fully attentive., our rock and fortress. Yes!

  2. Lindy Kaden says:

    I have his full attention.  Beautiful…

  3. TM Weir says:

    How beautiful.  I can see it.  Envision it.  Feel it.  Thank you for sharing!

    Tänia of
    Simply God’s Girl

  4. Gayl says:

    Simply beautiful, Barbie! Blessings!

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