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A Part Of HIS Story: {Write It Girl}

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As a young girl, I would often sit and day dream of what I might become when I grew up.  There were many things that interested me.  I thought perhaps I would be a professional roller skater. You know the one with the sparkly dress, hair in a bun and makeup. You see, as a young girl I did roller skate competitively.  And I was good.  But my parents couldn’t afford to keep the three of us involved any longer. So sadly, that dream ended.  Then my thoughts turned to nursing.  I loved to help people.  But knowing I couldn’t afford to go to school to get a degree, and that the sight of blood made me nearly faint, that dream too had to come to an end.

In my Junior year of High School, my English teacher always give me the highest compliments about my essays.  He would tell me how creative I was, and how perhaps I should consider becoming a writer.  With the encouragement I received from Him, I had made up my mind.  I was going to be a journalist.  But I forgot that it would require more years of schooling, which I didn’t have the money for.  So I pushed that dream aside as well.

After high school I attended a local business college and become a legal secretary for the majority of my working career, before I left that high paying, high stress job to work full-time at my church.  It was hard financially to make the shift, as my income was drastically reduced, but being in God’s will, surrounded by God’s people, is a dream job in reality.

I didn’t pick up the pen much after high school.  I always loved to play with words and lived for opportunities to make other people’s paragraphs read well.   Writing lay dormant inside of me for too long.  I never realized the words that were locked up inside of me, just waiting to get out.  I never realized the depth of the richness of God that I could access through writing.

When my Pastor first began blogging about four years ago, I was intrigued.  Not knowing if anyone would ever care to read what I wrote, I took a leap and began blogging.  And I found that I enjoyed it.  I think I’m pretty good at it.  And it’s opened a huge community for me that I wouldn’t otherwise have known.

Through blogging I have come to realize that there is a well spring of information, directly from the heart of God, longing to get out.  It took blogging to help resurrect my dream of writing.  Through writing, I get to tap into a creative outlet that I never knew existed.  My writing my not be as perfect or eloquent as some, but I am humbled and privileged to have the opportunity to share God’s heart with others and help bring them just a little closer in their relationship with Him.

Writing has given me a purpose and a more active role in HIS story.  I’ve been given a lead role in this Story.  And now, with my Director by my side, I have the privilege of putting my words on the screen for all to read.  They aren’t perfect. I am sure I am lacking in correct grammar from time to time.  But I write, realizing that the more I pour out, the more He pours in.  That which I experience in God becomes the canvass that frames the words I share.

I’ve had to say goodby to some other dreams.  But this dream of writing, of sharing the Good News, this has been awakened in my heart and I am so grateful.

Liking up today with a beautiful group of women. All writers.  All longing to share His story with you!

11 thoughts on “A Part Of HIS Story: {Write It Girl}”

  1. Bsusieklein says:

    I really enjoyed reading about your beginnings in writing and blogging. You are good at them both! I’m so thankful for your blog and all the great people I have met through it!

    1. Barbie says:

      Thank you Susie!  I am thankful for you as well!

  2. Kerri Smith says:

    I am so glad you shared this journey to becoming a writer. Your blog and your writing inspire and bless me, daily! Thank you!

    1. Barbie says:

      Thank you sweet friend.

  3. charis says:

    i loved hearing your story and how you got here… i always seem to love seeing a glimpse of the history of people i know and love.  so great how He is using you in ways that He started way back when and now it is blossoming!

    1. Barbie says:

      Thanks so much Charis!

  4. Tereasa @ His Pen on My Heart says:

    Ok.  Seriously?  I used to roller skate competitively, too!  I looooved it.  I always dreamed that roller skating would be in the Olympics someday.  LOL.   🙂 I enjoyed this post very much.  I want to come back, so I am following you on facebook now.  See you around!

    1. Barbie says:

      That’s too funny!  Yes, I use to dream of being in the Olympics all the time.  Thanks for the follow!

  5. Nikki says:

    “the more I pour out, the more He pours in. ” you wrote this just for me, didn’t you Barbie. I love your writing. You ARE good at it. Mainly because I can see Him in you. What a blessing you are!
    and I’m smiling picturing you skating…how fun to hear more of what’s made you you! 🙂

    1. Barbie says:

      Your words bless me my friend, always!

  6. Stacey29lincoln says:

    ” It took blogging to help resurrect my dream of writing.” —- me too!!

    Okay, but now I must “see” those pictures of you in your roller skating glory.  How fun! 

    Thanks for linking up with Write It, Girl!

    Love your new look here too!

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