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April Inspired Blogger: {Jennifer @A Poem Life}

Today I want to introduce you to a blogger that I’ve followed for a while now.  She inspires my creative side.  I love popping onto her page and seeing what she’s been creating.

Meet Jennifer at A Poem Life!

Welcome Jennifer!  I am so glad to have you here today.  Would you tell us a little bit about yourself.  I am a wife and homeschool mom.  Those two titles keep me pretty busy.  But after rediscovering my joy for creating not all that long ago, I would have to add artist to the list (that’s still a little scary to say out loud!).  So along with taking care of my husband (who incidentally is pursuing his dream to be a doctor) and being a homeschooling mama, I shift and juggle crazy schedules to make time for my dream – art.  As any mom knows, finding time for the things YOU love is hard. It takes real determination and commitment to be obedient to the artist’s life He is calling me to.

What is the purpose behind your blog, A Poem Life?  I was so scared to share my art; I just felt very vulnerable putting it all out there for anyone to see!  But I was desperate for community.  I wanted to meet and share with other Christian artists and blogging was the most convenient path for my schedule and home life. So, I prayed a lot and jumped in (with my daughter’s computer knowledge :). I have met amazing women of faith who share their passionate pursuit of Jesus and their creative hearts.  The encouragement and kindness I have received from this community is beyond anything I could have imagined. And I hope by being open with my art, my struggles and journey, others are encouraged to pursue the passions God has knit into their hearts.

What do you most enjoy about blogging?  That’s easy.  Connection.  Some days, when the schedules are pulling me in every direction and I have NO TIME for myself, I think about ending my blog.  But I consider the women who have journeyed with me, women who inspire and encourage me, and I would really miss the blessing of their friendship.  These sweet ties have become so dear to me.

What are you passionate about?  My faith.  Family.  Homeschooling.  Friends I can be real with.  Making art.  Cooking for people I love.  Being part of a creative community.  Making home a place of comfort for my family and friends.  Believing I am who He says I am. Counting blessings.  Chocolate cake.

Who or what inspires you?  Everything inspires me!  I am endlessly inspired when I journal with Jesus in the morning.  A scripture or a prayer touches me in just a way and inspires some thing my hands cannot wait to create.  As I pray for others, He inspires me to create some part of their journey that needs telling or something to encourage their heart.  Creating for people I love brings me the most joy!

I also try to pick up my camera as much as possible, even though I’m not very good.  Taking time to get a photo, to consider the subject, really helps me to slow down and see His beauty.  Like a bud about to burst open in creamy white bloom.  Or steam rising off my tea in the afternoon light. A child lost in an imaginary world, oblivious to my camera. Even my snoring dog, Stella 🙂

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?  I don’t have this journey figured out.  I make mistakes every day.  I make bad art.  My home usually needs a good cleaning.  I struggle to balance the needs of the people in my life with the gifts He is calling me to use.  But I do know this: community, blogging and otherwise, makes the journey so much sweeter.  We were never meant to go it alone.  Sharing our lives and hearts encourages us to be brave, let go of what’s holding us back and grow together.

*     *     *

Be sure to stop over to Jennifer’s blog and say hello!

4 thoughts on “April Inspired Blogger: {Jennifer @A Poem Life}”

  1. Dawn Paoletta says:

    Very nice meeting Jennifer. Thanks Barbie! 

  2. Nikki says:

    Nice to meet you, Jennifer! Look forward to visiting your place!

  3. Sherrey Meyer says:

    Barbie, thanks for introducing me to Jennifer.  This was a great interview, and I’ve already been over to check out Jennifer’s blog — lovely indeed.

  4. Venessa says:

    Thanks for sharing…it was nice to meet jennifer!

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