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You Were Made For Greatness

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My Beloved One,

You were made for greatness.  I know most days you feel far from great, as life passes you by and all that you do feels mediocre, at best.  Do not confuse greatness with perfection.  I never called you to be perfect.  To be great means to be above the normal, beyond average.  You are not called to be a bystander as life simply happens around you.  No!  I want you as an active and involved player on My team. I am calling you up, calling you to a higher standard.  It’s time for My greatness to shine forth in and through you!

The level of greatness that I am calling you to is this:  I want you to be the best you that you can be.  There is not another person on this earth that can do what it is I’ve called you to do.

Whatever it is you put your hands to, do it excellently.

Whoever it is that you love, love them deeply, fiercely.

Wherever you go, walk confidently.

Whenever you speak, tell of Me and My works.

The next time you feel ordinary, know that you are anything but ordinary.  You are extraordinary in the eyes of a great and mighty God.  A God who desires to share His greatness with you, so that you will be great in all that you do!

Until tomorrow,
Love Jesus

*This is Day 15 of a 31 Day series on Coffee Talk With Jesus.  You can find all of the posts in this series here.  I pray you are blessed as you read.

13 thoughts on “You Were Made For Greatness”

  1. Genny Heikka says:

    Barbie, It is JUST BEAUTIFUL over here, as always (but even more so!). I love your new look and all the pretty touches. Your photos are great too and your words comforting. What a refreshing stop over… thank you!
    Genny Heikka recently posted..#BeCourageous

    1. Barbie says:

      Thank you Genny! I cannot take credit for the photos. But I have fun finding them for all of my posts! I so loved that you stopped by today.

  2. Mary says:


    I am so touched by this series. The way you put your words together are really thought provoking for me. Thank you for doing this…it is ministering to me.

    Mary recently posted..When you only see the knots…

    1. Barbie says:

      I am thankful that God is using this series to bless you and others. Have a beautiful day Mary!

    1. Barbie says:

      Thank you my friend!

    1. Barbie says:

      You’re welcome Judith!

  3. Rosann says:

    Barbie, sweet friend, I do hope you plan to compile these posts into an eBook when this 31 Days is all complete. You have a gift for writing and a gift for encouraging others, like myself. Seriously. Please put all your hard work into something you can share with every visitor to your site at any time. Charge for it – or don’t. Just publish it, friend. 🙂 Love you!
    Rosann recently posted..31 Days to SuperMom {Day 16: Showing Love To Extended & Distant Family Members}

    1. Barbie says:

      Awe my friend, you encourage my heart. I have had others ask about an e-book and I am considering. A little afraid, but I know that it’s the Lord. I also would like to do that for last years “31 Days of Abiding”. I just can’t seem to bring it to the next step. But I know that God will help me! Thank you for encouraging me in my art today!

  4. lindy says:

    I enjoyed this reminder! I think sometimes I feel ordinary because I’m doing too much. That extraordinary love and greatness that comes for God only comes when I am doing what God desires. Thank you!
    lindy recently posted..Yarny Update

    1. Barbie says:

      That’s a great point! I lose my greatness when I allow myself to get too busy and not function as I was created.

  5. Dallas phone system says:

    These are truly inspiring words that will remain in my memory for a very long time. Thanks for sharing this.

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