Hope Is Enough

I’ve been clinging to hope over the last few days, actually the last few years really.  Extended unemployment of my dear husband has put is in quite a hard spot.  We have been amazed over and over again of how God continues to provide for us, when we feel we have nothing left to give to Him.  It’s then that I remember that He doesn’t want our stuff, our time, or even our money.  He just wants us.  So I come, bended knee, with tear stained checks and I  cry, “Lord, Here I Am!”   If I am honest, I will tell you that intermingled in the Lord, here I am cry is the desperate plea for a breakthrough.  A deep desire for God to save us from our circumstances.

This is a strange place to live, wedged between fear and hope.  I know that fear is sin, and I must constantly give it back to the Lord in order to not fall under the weight of it.  My human mind tells me that our situation is hopeless.  Husband continues to be out of work.  Financially, we are undone, beyond repair, and we had to give up our dream of owning a home, as we surrendered it back to the Lord two years ago.

But my Spirit tells me that there is hope.

  • When the cupboards are bare, I cling to the Bread of Life, who fills me fuller than any earthly food.
  • When the gas tank is empty, I run to the One who gives me the power and strength for the continued journey.
  • When my children are submitting Christmas lists which break my heart because we cannot give, I remember the gift that is Christ Jesus, a far greater gift to give to my children than any earthly possession.

When I feel hopeless and full of despair, I look to the hills, and choose to see the One who gives me hope!

I lift up my eyes to the hills.
From where does my help come?
My help comes from the LORD,
who made heaven and earth.
(Psalm 121:1-2)

My friends, I share this with you not to have you feel sorry for us.  I know that we will be okay.  But so many are hurting and struggling in this season.  Just this morning I received a phone call from someone in the same position as we and I wanted to run out to the store and buy them groceries, fill their gas tank and pay their electric bill.  But I couldn’t.  My hands were tied with my own circumctances.

What hope could I offer?

It was then that I realized the only hope that I could offer was hope enough.

Are you or someone you love struggling this holiday season?  Let us remember where our hope comes from.  It doesn’t matter what the circumstances look like around you.  He is the Hope Giver. Look up!  Hope is on the way!

Why am I discouraged? Why is my heart so sad? I will put my hope in God! I will praise him again–my Savior and my God!  (Psalm 43:5 NLT)

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24 Responses

  1. Child of God says:

    Hi Barbie,
    Lifting you and your husband and your friend up to the Lord for provision and work. These times are hard on so many people.
    Child of God recently posted..Jesus Take Care of Joey

  2. Lovely words! Giving me hope which has been on my mind lately. And the first passage from scripture has been showing up lately. Thanks for reminding me about hope. God is surely with you! As I transition to a new location on the US (we are military) I am reminded to put my trust in the Lord. Blessings:)

  3. Lovely and beautiful!! You are in my prayers!!
    Jennifer peterson recently posted..driving

  4. Jennifer {StudioJRU} says:

    We hold on to hope for situations in our family too, Barbie. I get it. Love so many of the hope scriptures. They are always so comforting. Praying for your family!
    Jennifer {StudioJRU} recently posted..every good gift.

  5. Barbie, I hate this so much — not the post, but the situation that you all are in. I was just talking to two friends yesterday who are having their own financial struggles.

    I’m praying Jehovah Jireh will continue to make a way when there seems to be no way.

    Love you,
    Beth @ My Destiny recently posted..Magnolias, Elvis, and Bullets – oh my!

  6. Mary says:

    Oh dear friend…I am praying for you. Your faith and your witness is a testimony that speaks to me and others.

    Mary recently posted..A vacation of sorts…

  7. Oh I feel for yall….My hubs was unemployed 8 months, it was a very scary time…..Don’t give up Hope in Him
    Kim @ Stuff could…. recently posted..Thankful Birthdays

  8. Lisa says:

    Oh my Barbie, that you are so honest laying it all on the line… God is already blessing you by the blessing you are to us here in cyber world. I am prying for God’s intersection to continue to provide for you and your family, and that He will open doors you never knew existed.
    Lisa recently posted..Thanksgiving

  9. Lisa says:

    I am so sorry. I have my own situations dealing with fear and hope, so I understand! May the Lord bless you! I will pray!
    Lisa recently posted..Reflective and Expressive Thankfulness

  10. Keena says:

    My hubby and I are in the same boat. I had to quit work 2 yrs ago due to a disability and although I get a disability check(which I am grateful), my income was cut by 2/3. My hubby lost his state job and now runs pizzas. There are many times that I lose my focus. Thank you for writing this and reminding me that God is in control and there IS hope in Jesus Christ. My prayers are certainly with you

  11. Jen says:

    Barbie – Such a powerful post, my friend! It’s easy to praise God when our world fit’s into a neatly wrapped box! But, what about when life gets messy? Your fight for faith is a powerful testimony that God is still good….even when life doesn’t look the way we thought it would! Thanks for joining UNITE this week! I literally did a little dance in my kitchen when I saw you linked up! Lol (Just ask my family) ;0) Have a blessed Thanksgiving friend & hope to see you again next Tuesday! ~ jen
    Jen recently posted..What A Pastor In Inland China Asks For……

  12. Irene says:

    I just came across your website. Thank you for blessing me. My husband has been unemployed for the last 18 months. Although I prayed this morning to give him words of encouragement — I fussed at him and he just broke down and cried. I feel so helpless. I love God and so does he. We pray and have faith. Yet we know that we are not alone. His unemployment is due to run out this month. In Alabama you are only allowed one extension. I just feel so encouraged by reading your blog. It lifted me up and I am praying to be able to lift up my husband. Thank you!

    • Barbie says:

      Irene, I am thankful that you found me! I am here to encourage you in any way that I can. We’ve walked a hard road, but God is faithful. We’ve lost our home and other possessions, but in return He’s given us so much. He is faithful and will never leave you.

      I know an amazing blogger who write book called “Unemployed Faith”. She had an unemployed husband for years. She also has a Facebook Group if you are interested. Feel free to contact Rosann. Here is the link to her Unemployed Faith blog – http://unemployedfaith.com/blog


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