Five Minute Friday: Again

Today I am joining Lisa-Jo and others for the 5 Minute Friday where we are given a word prompt and write for just 5 minutes simply for the joy of writing. No editing or backtracking necessary. No need to be perfect. Just words freely flowing from my heart to yours.


Some days I feel as if I am falling, losing my grip, losing sight of the bigger picture.
I get tired, my vision blurred, and I cannot see beyond that which is right in front of me.

I keep searching, reaching, holding on.
Just when I think I will fall, endlessly through time and space, He is there,
reassuring me once again that He will do what He said He would do.

This God, who spoke the world into existence,
He is able to speak words of truth and peace to my heart.

This God, who takes care of the birds in the air,
He is able to provide all that I need. 

This God, who parted the Red Sea,
He is faithful to keep me from harm.

This God, who left the One to find the Ninety-Nine,
He will never leave me nor forsake me.

This God, who raised Jesus from the Dead,
He is capable of taking that which is dead in me and making me alive again.

I’ve seen His hand before.  I know He is for me.  I trust His promises.

This same God who brought me through before, will do it again.


Five Minute Friday


Seeking beauty in the ordinary and embracing life to the fullest. Thank you for stopping by and come again soon!

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66 Responses

  1. I love this. So beautiful. Thank you for sharing such wonderful and comforting words.
    Debi @ recently posted..Stop Keeping Score

  2. Alia Joy says:

    I feel like each blog I visit tonight has words just for me. Thank you friend.
    Alia Joy recently posted..Five Minute Friday: Again

  3. Wendy says:

    YES! YES! YES! He is such a faithful God. Faithful in all things. So love your words shared friend. Love & hugs!
    Wendy recently posted..Around the Tables Again

  4. Loni says:

    Absolutely beautiful truth! How how He loves us!
    Loni recently posted..Five Minute Friday: AGAIN (& again & again)

  5. Brenda says:

    All I can think to respond with is AMEN!!!

  6. Mia says:

    Hi Barbie
    It makes one feel special to know that you are to Him so important that He would leave all the others behind to come and rescue you when you are crying and so frightened!
    Much love XX
    Mia recently posted..Ring-A-Ring-A-Roses

  7. Jedidja says:

    Good morning! This is beautiful news … thank you 🙂 He will never leave you and me, nor forsake us.
    Jedidja recently posted..Over mijn koekoek en het forceren van deuren

  8. denise says:

    Such truth and wisdom here.
    denise recently posted..Five Minute Friday- Again

  9. I like the parallelism here. If God did this, then He can do this. You should make this into a pretty printable to be hung up. Because when we need the reminders, we might forget where we saw it.
    Laura @ Pruning Princesses recently posted..When you yell but you shouldn’t have

    • Barbie says:

      I’ve had a few people ask me to make this into a printable! I am going to work on that. He is always proving His love for me, again and again!

  10. Shawna Ervin says:

    Thank you for this. It’s beautiful. I needed to hear this.
    Shawna Ervin recently posted..Five Minute Friday – Again

  11. Jamie says:

    Oh, but this is so easy for we feeble, sinful humans to forget, isn’t it? Yes, He can and will do this… again.

    Thank you for sharing, Barbie! This is so encouraging.

  12. Missy says:

    Your closing thought, it is mine so often. And I am so grateful. I was encouraged to remember “all that He has done for me” again, this morning. Thank you!
    Missy recently posted..Five Minute Friday – Again

  13. Amen.
    Thank you for your words that encouraged my heart this morning.
    Diane | An Extraordinary Day recently posted..DIY | A Valentine Moment with Meaning

  14. The words I needed to hear…. thank you for sharing and for your friendship!!
    Jennifer peterson recently posted..winter

  15. Jacquie says:

    Yup – we so need to remind ourselves of His faithfulness to us in the past and look again at our history with Him to keep us steadfast in the now!
    Jacquie recently posted..5 Minute Friday: Again

    • Barbie says:

      You are so right. We have a rich history in God and it’s there to remind us of what He’s already done! Have a blessed weekend.

  16. Laura Rath says:

    Barbie, this is so beautiful! As I read it, it feels like you wrote it for me. It perfectly describes the month I’ve been having and the way our faithful and loving God has picked me up, sheltered me, loved on me, and given me time to rest, all while opening new doors in ministry for me. I’m going to print this out and keep it so I can read it again and again.
    Thank you for encouraging me friend!
    In Christ,
    Laura Rath recently posted..God Wants to Heal Your Heart

    • Barbie says:

      So thankful God spoke to you through the post. I think I am going to make a printable of the part I quoted. I will let you know!

  17. Great reminders today, Barbie!
    Nancy @ Pilgrim Wanderings recently posted..Again – #fiveminutefriday

  18. Jen says:

    Your writing reminds me so much of King David! Sharing the reality of life, the hardships of circumstances…but then twisting it all to point to the greatness of our God & King & how to live and who we are through Him! Never come away disappointed when I stop by to read! Words of courageousness lifting all of our weary souls! Thank you! And Bless you, my friend!
    Jen recently posted..How To Tell Your Daughter She is Beautiful.

    • Barbie says:

      I am humbled by your comment. It’s hard to share the realities of my life at times, yet I know that it encourages others and I pray it brings Him glory! Thank you for your kind words. Have a beautiful weekend.

  19. Amy Tilson says:

    Love the reassurance in all these phrases. Need to be reminded of all the available blessings!

  20. amen friend! So good!

    Visiting from FMF!
    Love, Traci Michele @Ordinary Inspirations
    Traci Michele recently posted..Again: Five Minute Friday

  21. God bless you for your testimony of His love! Amen! He will do it again! Click here to check out my 5 Minute Friday

  22. I actually read this first last night. Your thoughts are exactly what I needed to hear, so I’ve read it again, twice, today already. Thanks so much for your encouraging perspective.
    Jennifer Dawn McLucas recently posted..On the Road Again

  23. ~Karrilee~ says:

    Amen, sweet Barbie! He is able and willing!
    ~Karrilee~ recently posted..Five Minute Friday: Again

  24. What an awesome five minutes, Barbie…so much truth and your trust…stunning, my friend 🙂 Praying He continues to encourage you 🙂
    Dolly@Soulstops recently posted..Five Minute Fridays: Again and Again

  25. Tereasa says:

    Oh Barbie, this is so beautiful! I just might print it off and post it on my fridge! (Too bad my printer’s not working.) Hmm… some pretty paper and handwriting, perhaps! 🙂
    Tereasa recently posted..Ten Songs for Hearts in Pain

  26. Mel says:

    I love these reminders…definitely what I needed today! Beautiful words…thank you for sharing your heart! Blessings on your weekend. 🙂
    Mel recently posted..Five-Minute Friday: Again

  27. Hi Barbie,

    I “met” you on Edie’s blog about a year (ok two?) ago, and followed you here today. I think God has a peculiar way of working with us. I love your post today… and I can tell you that everything you wrote is so very true. I am the living example of that which He restores. I will have to read your blog to catch up on your life. When we “spoke” last on Edie’s blog, I mentioned that my home was going to be lost in our bankruptcy. Just recently I was able to save it. I know you lost yours… I’ll read your blog to see how you are doing a year (or two) later.

    x o x o
    Andrea from Raising Peanut recently posted..Role Reversal

    • Barbie says:

      Hi Andrea! I do remember. I am so happy to hear you were able to save your home. I am praying you are feeling better. I left a note for you on your blog!

  28. Fiona says:

    There are good words, and lovely words and inspiring words…..and then there is TRUTH. And there’s no denying you write words of truth. Thank you so much for the gift of truth, that can only come from relationship with Him.
    Fiona recently posted..Five Minute Friday: Again

  29. Jacqui says:

    Yes, He will! Blessings, dear friend. So glad we have a great and awesome God who so cares for us! <3
    Jacqui recently posted..Comment on Born Again by Jacqui

  30. Michele-Lyn says:

    This is beautiful… and I found myself saying, Yes and Amen! His love is amazing. Your faith through this trying time is evidence of your heart being wholly His. Love you, friend.

  31. Amen Barbie! He is faithful to do it again and again.

    Bless you!
    Beth @ My Destiny recently posted..Red light district

  32. Wow, this feels exciting…like His very heart beat! AGain! Again!
    Dawn St Amand Paoletta recently posted..31 Days of Praise- Enjoying God Anew {Book Review}

  33. afridaysgirl says:

    This post has once again reminded me that HE never gives up. Thank you. Rosanne
    afridaysgirl recently posted..Again

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