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Time4Learning Curriculum Review {Adventures in Homeschooling}

I was presented with the opportunity to review Time4Learning for 30 days.  As a homeschooling mom who works full time, I decided to give this a try, as I am always looking for ways to keep my 7th grade daughter engaged in learning, and allow her to work independently as well.

Time4Learning is a convenient, online homeschool curriculum that combines education with interactive fun. Animated lessons, interactive activities, printable worksheets and detailed reporting make the learning system a top selection of the “Top 100 Educational Websites” list, year after year. Here a list of the benefits of Time 4 Learning, taken from their website:

  • Online Curriculum for
    PreK to 8th Grades
  • Access to 3 Grade Levels of Lessons
  • 1,000+ Student-Paced Multimedia Activities
  • Language Arts, Math, Science & Social Studies
  • Interactive, Project-Based Activities
  • Detailed Reporting for
    Easy Record-Keeping
  • Lesson Plans & Teaching Tools for Parents
  • Lessons Correlated to State Standards

My Daughter’s Thoughts

Overall, my daughter enjoyed the program.  She felt it was easy to use, easy to navigate and the lessons were interesting enough and within her ability to complete without a lot of parental interaction. She enjoys doing work on the computer and loves the interactive lesson formats.

My Thoughts

As a busy homeschooling mom who works full time, I thought this would be a great way to supplement what my daughter was already doing.  We decided to focus mainly on Botany lessons provided through the 6th grade Science module.  Choosing 6th grade material is not uncommon for us.  But for some, this could be a down fall.  Time4Learning does not currently have 7th or 8th grade science material or 8th grade social studies material.  If you have students in those grades, they would have to work out of the 6th grade module. I did find the material sufficient, especially as a supplement.

I liked the fact that I could track my daughter’s progress.  However, lesson planning left a lot to be desired.  I would like to see a way where the system could share with the student the lessons assigned by the parent for a day.  My daughter was only working in one subject, so it wasn’t a problem.  But the system allows the child to pick the lesson and the activities.  For a child who has trouble staying on task, this could be a problem.  I had to make sure, even with one subject, that I wrote down what my daughter had to do in her planner, otherwise, she may have forgotten.

The best thing about this curriculum is that it allowed my daughter to work independently, when I couldn’t be with her.  I would recommend Time4Learning to homeschooling families as both a comprehensive curriculum, as well as a supplemental resource. We enjoyed it enough to continue on with a paid subscription ($19.95/month) for the remainder of the school year.

*I was provided with a free 30-day trial to Time 4 Learning in exchange for my review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

10 thoughts on “Time4Learning Curriculum Review {Adventures in Homeschooling}”

    1. Barbie says:

      Some days I wonder. I am learning to be creative, and I am thankful my daughter is older and mostly self-sufficient.

  1. Ashley Ditto says:

    I am thinking very hard about homeschooling my girls. Thank you for posting this, it makes me know I can do this!
    Ashley Ditto recently posted..To My Husband, With Love.

    1. Barbie says:

      Oh girl, if I can homeschool working full time, you can do it!

      1. Mel says:

        Hi Barbie

        Do you still homeschool and are you still working full time?


        1. Barbie says:

          Hi Mel. Yes, I am still working full time and homeschooling my 8th grade girl.

  2. Dana says:

    I see you work full time. I do too and planning to homeschool my daughters. What kind of schedule do you keep? Do you work out of your home? I don’t. I have to go to an office. Any advice you give me would be appreciated!

    1. Barbie says:

      HI Dana! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I work full-time outside the home. I have Mondays off. My daughter that I homeschool is in 7th grade. Currently we try to do a full day’s schooling on Mondays (all subjects). On Tuesdays and Fridays, she works on Grammar, English and/or Literature. On Wednesdays and Thursdays, we school at night. We are very loose right now as I’ve never homeschooled before. It’s take us up until this point to just get our routine down. We hope to step up our game next year. I am here to answer any questions you may have! Blessings!

  3. Brandy Strouse says:

    I have used t4learning on and off for years. Depending on when we needed it in our lives. I have had the same issue you have with the planning. But it only takes me a short time to write down what I want my son to complete during the week and on what day on a simple spiral notebook. My littles K and 1st are loving it too. I love the way my oldest could work on his own at his own pace. That came in very handy when I gave birth to my two littles.
    Brandy Strouse recently posted..Hi my name is Ms. Klutz!

    1. Brandy Strouse says:

      You stopped by and asked what I thought about math for 8th grade. Did you see time4learning has Algebra? The program starts off with pretty much pre-algebra stuff and moves right into algebra. I love that I did not have to teach it. They teach it all. It also builds on each step. Try that for math. Just a thought. :^)
      Brandy Strouse recently posted..Hi my name is Ms. Klutz!

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