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Inspired Blogger: {Lisa @ Four Simply Living}

Today I am so excited to introduce you to Lisa of Four Simply Living.  I met Lisa when she visited my blog during my Fresh Brewed Sundays link up a while back.   Her words are deep, and have left forever marks on my heart.  She is passionate about Jesus and her family, and through her I’ve met another kindred spirit.

Without further adieu, meet Lisa of Four Simply Living!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am Lisa… vagabond my whole life searching for a place to call my own. I was born into a military family and married a military man. I also had the privilege of being a preacher’s kid because, yes, my dad worked two jobs and, no, he was not a military chaplain. I married young (19, whooh) and had two kids one right after the other. It was planned; we wanted to be young empty nesters. God called us to homeschool full-time in 2004 and we have not looked back since, well not too much. I love all things literature, coffee, and photography but not necessarily in that order.

How long have you been blogging and how/why did you start?

I began blogging about five years ago. Blogging was a way for our family to share our journeys in Europe. I have always journaled in my head, too scared to put pen to paper in case someone actually read it. One day I had to write, I could not contain the torment in my head, and then I hit publish, and the written world opened up to me. What started as an adventure became a passion.

What is the purpose of your blog?

Because I doubted myself, I jumped from one platform to another looking for my purpose in the blog world. I closed down my first blog and opened two more, one photography and one homeschool. But soon I found the homeschool one to be a painful thorn in my side and the photography one lacking inspiration. And, God? He brought me full circle back to the original name of my blog and back to the original purpose, sharing my journey only a different adventure. The reason for my blog, to live life purposefully and see where the adventure takes me falls, spills, scrapes and all.

What do you most enjoy about blogging?

That moment when you know the words came from God and not you. When you hit publish and pray that whoever needs to see the words will find them. I am building my blog slowly, but I LOVE the people I have met along the way, and I most desire to sit face to face with them someday. And the fabulous thing is that could be a real possibility, just not here on Earth.

What are you passionate about?

I am PASSIONATE about photography, and coffee, and literature… oh and politics, theology, the church, compassion, love, and justice when I have a soapbox to stand on. In fact, recently my kids told me that I must always live with something. Notice they said something and not someone… “yah mom, like a dog. That way you always have someone to talk to.”

Who or what inspires you?

Nature most definitely inspires me. I do my best worship behind a camera just me, God, and His creation. And words, written by others, the ones that you feel for certain were penned just for you. My kids inspire me on a minute by minute basis, to be a better person, to live more in love, to laugh out loud several times a day, to stop taking myself so seriously. And my husband, the one who leads by integrity and challenges me to do so as well.

Tell us something random about yourself.

My favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate peanut butter.

Will you share with us one of your favorite posts and what you love?

Praise Was All I Had is a rework of a blog I posted on our original family blog. (I recently re-posted it to my current blog.)I can’t say it is my favorite work, because it is raw and relives the night my father-in-law died. But it is one of my cherish posts because this is when writing took a turn for me and became a passion.

 *     *     *

Will you head on over to Lisa’s blog to say hello?  You will not be disappointed.  Just click the button below and you will be taken there.

5 thoughts on “Inspired Blogger: {Lisa @ Four Simply Living}”

  1. charis says:

    i love that you do this barbie! it is always fun to hear of other bloggers out there!
    charis recently posted..the secret to longevity

  2. Elizabeth says:

    So happy to “meet” you here, Lisa! Your post on the death of your father-in-law was raw and real and beautiful.
    Elizabeth recently posted..Goodwill transferware bowl…

  3. Pamela says:

    I so enjoyed meeting Lisa. Your blog is so special, Barbie. Your kind heart is so evident in all you write.
    Pamela recently posted..Give Back Sheltering

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