Looking Ahead: 8th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

Now that the school year is winding down, we are finally in a routine.  Wouldn’t you know it? With only about 7 weeks left of school we are finally settling in.  For this full-time working mom, it has been a hard year of transition.  I cannot tell you how many times I switched curriculums, trying to figure out how my daughter learned best.

I decided that I wanted to be ahead of the game going into next year, so I have been diligently looking at our plan as my daughter prepares to enter the 8th grade.  My goal is to have all of my curriculum selected and purchased by the end of July.  If you are new visiting here, I am a full-time working mom who just started homeschooling.  My curriculum must be self guided.  My daughter is a reluctant reader, so I choose curriculum that is not too wordy where I can.  She also loves workbooks, full of puzzles and games, which helps her to learn.

Here is what I am leaning toward so far:

Math – Teaching Textbooks (Pre=Algebra)

We LOVE Teaching Textbooks.  We started out the year with just the textbook, but we weren’t doing very well.  I do not have a math brain and it was a struggle to help my daughter work the problems she had trouble with.  Then a friend of mine loaned me her CD’s and we have turned the corner.  My daughter is able to do math independently now, as everything is explained on the CD.  She still does not like to ask for help.  There is one unit that she got low C’s on, because I didn’t know she was struggling, but for the most part, it has been a life saver.  The cost for the CDs only is $154.95.  I am going to try to find the workbook on eBay, as well as a lower price for the CDs.

 History – America The Beautiful (Notgrass)

Not really knowing anything about this curriculum, I am jumping in with both feet.  My son (who was homeschooled in his later high school years with a tutor) did some other curriculum by Notgrass and we really enjoyed it.  I like that this curriculum comes with everything you need for the year, as well as encompasses literature.  The cost of this curriculum is about $100, and the workbook is about $15.  I may be able to find it on eBay for less!

Bible – Walking in Faith (Notgrass)

This is a Bible curriculum for ages 7-12.  Because of how may daughter learns, and her reluctance for reading, I want to start here.  This curriculum explores what it means to have faith in God and how God is faithful toward those who follow Him. The lessons look into the lives of men and women of faith in the Bible, with special focus on those mentioned in Hebrews 11. I realize for some, this is minimal, but again, I choose to keep it simple.  When I showed my daughter this, she said, “Yes”!

The cost of this curriculum is about $8.00.

There are a couple of subjects I am on the fence about. Perhaps you have a recommendation?

Science – Alpha Omega LifePac8

I have struggled to find the right Physical Science curriculum. If I were at home full-time, and we had a lot more time for hands on work, I would choose Exploring Creation with Physical Science (Apologia).  However, that is a very intensive, heavy reading and heavy hands on curriculum.  It’s just not something we can handle right now.  LifePac is pretty simple and still has hands on experiments.  They just aren’t as intensive.  I’m not sure it’s enough?  I welcome your thoughts and recommendations.  The cost of this curriculum is about $48 for the year.

Language Arts – Time4Learning – 8th Grade

Right now, my daughter is finishing up Language Arts with Time4Learning.  I reviewed it on my blog, and my daughter actually liked it (although I think it’s a little elementary), and she’s actually learning.  They do have an 8th grade segment for Language Arts and she has asked to continue with it. However, the cost of this curriculum is $20/month.  For one subject, that is beyond what my budget can handle.  What do you use for Language Arts?  I real need help in the Language Arts department.

Well, there you have it. I so appreciate the homeschool community I have found through blogging and welcome your comments, thoughts and recommendations.

Have you started looking ahead to next year yet?  What are your plans for homeschooling? I would love for you to share in the comments below.

*This post is part of a challenge to blog every weekday in the month of April.  You can read more about it here. 


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13 Responses

  1. We are using TT and Notgrass too… I love them. When we start high school this year history flopped immediately and Notgrass was a life saver. And as a non-math mom, TT is also a life saver. I have most of our year planned out for next year, isn’t it fun… love this time of the year.
    Lisa @ four simply living recently posted..Lean In, All is Grace

  2. Anita says:

    I love seeing the variety that homeschoolers use for teaching their children. I currently am sticking with Abeka, because it’s what’s familiar. I do buy used on ebay to save $$. It’s amazing that our first year is nearly completed…23 days left…we’re counting down!!!

    I’m going to look into that Bible curriculum you mentioned. Thanks for sharing.

    • Barbie says:

      Thank you for stopping by Anita! I love shopping on eBay for school items. I also have some items to sell, so it helps to offset my cost. Have a blessed week!

  3. I just really want to encourage you Barbie to be working full time and homeschooling daughter. Blessings.We loved Teaching Texts and the Notgrass materials. I was trying to come back and thank you for hosting today but found this post instead.
    Judith at WholeHearted Home recently posted..Love is Jesus Christ

  4. I just really want to encourage you Barbie to be working full time and homeschooling daughter. Blessings.We loved Teaching Texts and the Notgrass materials. I was trying to come back and thank you for hosting today but found this post instead.
    Judith at WholeHearted Home recently posted..Love is Jesus Christ

  5. Okay mama’s like you leave me in awe!! I don’t think I could ever, but if I ever do I know who to call:)
    Jennifer peterson recently posted..Monday Meditations~ freedom.

  6. This makes me homesick for homeschooling! I love choosing and buying curriculum. I only have one left at home though and she won’t need to do much next year as it’s her last year. So sad!

  7. Barbie, I will be going to a Home School Conference this weekend to check out curriculum -it’s called Mass Hope. I really want to buy a full curriculum as I like the structure. I looked at Sonlight years ago, and used My Fathers World. Not sure what to do for next year but also considering Calvert. We both like structure and I hate Piece Mealing …Thanks for this timely post! I need all the help I can get!
    Dawn St Amand Paoletta recently posted..Achoo! (on Monday)

    • Barbie says:

      Exciting Dawn. Let me know about the curriculums you are considering. I’m not totally locked in yet. Actually I think I am already switching science. 🙂

  8. Angela says:

    I am so excited after reading all the posts!! This will be my first year of homeschooling. I have 2 boys, one in 8th grade and the other in 10th grade. I am very nervous, but I know that this is the Lord’s will!!! I am currently researching different curriculums to determine what is best for each child. I want to make homeschooling fun, but at the same time teach my children the importance of self discipline!
    Thank you for all your comments!!

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