The Weekend Brew: Declaring The Greatness Of The Lord!

Have you ever done a prophetic act?  A prophetic act differs from a spoken word of prophecy, or word of knowledge.  It’s an action, something we DO under the anointing and unction of the Holy Spirit as a step of faith, as an act of obedience to release the power, presence and victory of God into a situation.  Simply, a prophetic act is hearing from God and obeying His voice in what He’s called us to do, no matter how silly the act may look.

We have been meditating on Psalm 145 in the house of prayer.  It’s all about proclaiming and declaring the greatness and the goodness of God.  It is important that we not only keep the mighty works that God has already done before us, but to proclaim and declare those things that we do not yet see into existence.

Tonight at our Encounter God Service, we did a prophetic act of writing down what we see the Lord doing in our church and our city.  We wrote them on stones, as the Hebrew word for proclaim in Psalm 145:6 means “to write on stones”.  As another prophetic act, our staff will be climbing Mission Peak on Wednesday, the highest point in our city, and placing the stones at the top, as a monument to the Lord, to remember all that He has done, and to declare all that He will do!

Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised!  I will proclaim His greatness!

I will exalt you, my God the King;
I will praise your name for ever and ever.
2Every day I will praise you
and extol your name for ever and ever.
3Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise;
his greatness no one can fathom.
4One generation commends your works to another;
they tell of your mighty acts.
5They speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty—
and I will meditate on your wonderful works.
6They tell of the power of your awesome works—
and I will proclaim your great deeds.
7They celebrate your abundant goodness
and joyfully sing of your righteousness. (Psalm 145:1-7)


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22 Responses

  1. I have never done anything like that, but I think it is so cool, so often we never do that proclaim God’s goodness, what a great way to trust that God is going to do amazing things in your city!! Love this!!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love this, friend. I think we are, our church is, in a season of needing to remind ourselves of what God has done and what He has called us to do.
    Elizabeth recently posted..1 Peter 5:5…

    • Barbie says:

      It’s so important to keep the testimony of the Lord in front of us, and remind ourselves of His promises! Blessings my friend!

  3. ~Karrilee~ says:

    We just did a similar act in my small group – so powerful! I love doing prophetic acts because I so believe in the power of RELEASING! This is beautiful!!!
    ~Karrilee~ recently posted..Imagine… {Five Minute Friday}

  4. Hi Barbie….your words gave me pause today. Right now, according to your thought line here, we are living a prophetic act. Thank you for the encouragement to stay with it. [hugs]
    Also…I linked a second post….but it was for the photo that is first….words I needed….and hope they will minister to someone else as well. Blessings!
    Diane | An Extraordinary Day recently posted..Don’t be afraid… :: The Week at a Glance 6/1

    • Barbie says:

      I’ll be praying for the season you are in. No worries, the second post is fine! Have a beautiful weekend.

  5. Child of God says:

    Hi Barbie,
    Sounds like a great idea! Sometimes acting out in writing, stuff like this can really be encouraging .

    Child of God recently posted..Saved by Faith or Works ~ Gospel Message

  6. Barbie,
    What an awesome act to participate in…loved the stone that said,”Revival in the valley”…yes, praying so…hugs to you, my friend 🙂
    Dolly@Soulstops recently posted..Five Minute Fridays: If you could imagine….

  7. April says:

    Barbie, this sounds like such a great activity! This would be fun to do with kids – something they could easily understand and use to praise God.

    So glad to be here this weekend – while my husband is busy installing all our appliances 🙂
    April recently posted..Are We Dreading Christ’s Return?

  8. Denise says:

    What an inspiring idea to proclaim our faith and praise! And to place the stones in a place of beauty where we can re-visit and continue to praise with thankfulness and joy. Would love to share this Barbie!

    Blessings and sweet love,
    Denise recently posted..Sticks and Stones

  9. Donna says:

    This sounds like a wonderful idea. Children and adults alike would be blessed by this. Thank you for sharing.
    Donna recently posted..Mustache Baby

  10. Janis Cox says:

    What a wonderful idea. And it is important to look at where God is at work and remember to thank Him for each thing that happens.
    I would love you to link at Sunday Stillness. Great post.
    Janis Cox recently posted..SUNDAY STILLNESS – Vessel

  11. Beth says:

    This sounds so wonderful and incredibly moving. I get chills thinking about your evening and you all taking your stones up the mountain. “It’s all about proclaiming and declaring the greatness and the goodness of God.” Those words leave me inspired as proclaiming and declaring His greatness outside of what I write on my blog is still a challenge for me but at the same time I’m finding it harder to hold back. He is so good…how can we not proclaim and declare His greatness? I’m always so grateful for how you share your heart Barbie. (((hugs)))
    Beth recently posted..For your Sunday

  12. Amanda says:

    Barbie, I LOVE this!!! What a beautiful act and experience ~ I love that you wrote the messages on the stones and will place them on the mountain!!! Just awesome!! Yes, GREAT is our awesome God!!! Thanks for sharing and for this community 🙂 Have a blessed week!!
    Amanda recently posted..Sweet, Simple Sunday ~ Seedtime & Harvest

  13. Cassi says:

    I love the act of writing out the visions. Makes it more concrete and calls us to act.
    Cassi recently posted..Olive Spaghetti

  14. Anita says:

    Hi Barbie,

    Thank you for your thoughtful post.

    I also wanted to let you know that I have added your blog to a guest post I wrote, ’50 Christian women bloggers to follow’. Thank you for for the encouragement you share.

    Anita recently posted..God is the source of hope

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