Inspired Blogger: Jacqui of Faith & Simplicity

I am excited to introduce another inspired blogger.  I don’t remember when I came across Jacqui’s blog, or how, but I was immediately draw in to her of loss and hope.  Although her writing has slowed down some, she is always one that I look for in my reader, as she is truly inspiring.

Without further adieu, may I introduce you to Jacqui of Faith and Simplicity!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a wife and stay-at-home mom with two children and a baby on the way. In just a couple of weeks my oldest starts kindergarten and we’ll be venturing into the world of homeschooling. Because of this I’ve entered a season where blogging has had to slow down. But I still long to be writing soon, as a means of sharing my heart.

How long have you been blogging and how/why did you start?

Since I only posted twice in 2011, I consider myself to have started blogging a year and a half ago when I made it my New Years Resolution to post at least once a week. I’ve always been one to keep a journal, but I really fell in love with writing when I was sixteen. By the age of seventeen I knew I wanted to use the written word to encourage others. And this is why I started my blog – with the desire to share my own experiences and struggles while hoping to point to Jesus.

What is the purpose of your blog?

I think the purpose of my blog has stayed the same since I started it – to share my relationship with the Lord. Having been through a lot of trials, which includes the death of my first husband, and facing a lot of pain in life, I tend to share from a place that desires to remain steadfast. I’ve noticed that my blog goes through seasons, and I’m still on the journey of figuring it out (if that ever really happens:). But ultimately, I want to reach women with the hope that’s in Christ no matter what we face.

What do you most enjoy about blogging?

Last October I went to the social media conference, Allume. There, I attended a workshop by Sarah Markley called, “Writing as a Spiritual Discipline.” In that class she quoted her father as saying that he loved to write until he found a surprise. And that’s what I love about blogging. As much as I have a heart to encourage others, it’s also a means by which God speaks to me. And often, I’m surprised. And the joy it gives blesses me.

What are you passionate about?

Really, I’m passionate about my family. I need to write these things more often, but my husband has amazed me with his wisdom and strength. And my kiddos are the cutest, sweetest, and sometimes most challenging things ever. I want to see them walk in the same wisdom and strength as their father overflowing with grace.

Who or what inspires you?

Elisabeth Elliot. I have learned so much from her writing and she never fails to set the bar high for me. Through her I’ve learned that grace is beautiful which makes holiness all the more desirable.

Tell us something random about yourself.

I love Indian food – and I love it spicy!

Will you share with us one of your favorite posts and what you love about it?

One of my favorite posts is called A Present Day Memoir. It’s one I wrote on a whim in about an hour, and I think it best expresses who I am – a woman who’s always felt older than she is; who at the same time brims with youthful hope, and confidence in a God who does great and mighty things.


Seeking beauty in the ordinary and embracing life to the fullest. Thank you for stopping by and come again soon!

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5 Responses

  1. Wanda says:

    Thanks Barbie for introducing Jacqui. I enjoyed reading about her blogging story.
    Wanda recently posted..Overflowing Success by Todd Weaver

  2. So happy to see Jacqui here at Barbies 🙂 2 lovely and encouraging friends 🙂
    Dolly@Soulstops recently posted..What I learned in July…

  3. Rosann says:

    So nice to learn about Jacqui! I’ll be sure to check out her blog. 🙂
    Rosann recently posted..Teaching Our Children Not to Misuse the Name of the Lord?

  4. Jamie S Harper says:

    Oh I love Jacqui – glad to see her here at Barbie’s!

  5. Thanks for introducing me to another great blog 🙂 I know there are tons out there, but I can’t always find them.
    Lisa Tucker (@ServinGsus) recently posted..Do You Need STRENGTH Today?

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