Embracing The Simple Joy of Giving

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I am having to be very strategic and creative in my gift giving this year.  I want our focus to be on Jesus, first and on others second.  Will we have gifts for our children and each other under the tree?  Absolutely!  My children will each have 2-3 gifts under the tree, as well as a stocking full of random, in expensive things.

But I cannot ignore the fact that Christmas is about giving.  God has given me life, abundant joy, healing, deliverance, peace and so much more. I would love to give that to someone else this Christmas.


Gigi is a 9 year old girl that I have not yet had the honor to meet.  I’ve met her father, Jake Hamilton, when he came to lead worship at my church.  This family is precious to dear friends of mine, and even more precious to the Lord, and I have a burden on my heart to share how you can give a miracle of healing through the simple joy of giving to Gigi this Christmas.

Here is a little bit about Gigi and her condition from her dad’s website:

Geneva Justice Hamilton was born April 13, 2004 healthy and happy. She was not premature; there was no difficulty in birth, yet at 16 months she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP). CP is an umbrella term used in the medical community to describe a dysfunction in the brain that leads to physical handicaps and delayed learning capabilities, in short it can cover anything from a slight tightness in the hands all the way to complete lack of control of your whole body. For Geneva (her technical diagnosis is Spastic Diplegia) it has affected her legs so severely that she cannot walk and she uses a walker or primarily a wheelchair to move around. It has affected the use of her hands slightly which has given her more than her share of hardships in school and we are continuing to look for ways to help her in that environment. Her legs cramp so bad at night that she cannot sleep on occasion and we are unsure how many other areas it has affected in her body that we have yet to see simply because of her age. There is no explanation for why Geneva was affected by the abnormality. But she is.

* * *

So we have prayed and waited and it seems as though God is opening a door that could profoundly help Geneva through the hands of a specialist at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. He has done thousands of these surgeries over the last 20 years and has seen improvement in every single case. Because of her unique circumstances he cannot tell us exactly what will come out of the surgery but it WILL loosen the tightness in her legs and get her off the drugs she is currently on. Every other medical option for her is very painful and potentially very dangerous with long recovery times and dangerous amounts of drugs being pumped into her system internally.

But, we need your help. The surgery is out of our current coverage and therefore must be paid out of pocket. The surgery itself is approx. $40,000 along with travel expenses for flights, a week in hotel, food while we are there, help with our other two boys, plus covering my time off we are looking at a $50,000 cost for that two week period. The money must be paid in full 30 days prior to the date being booked. Right now we are looking at the first week of February and that means we need to raise the $50,000 by January 1.

So far, $20,000 has been raised for Gigi’s surgery.  I am boldly coming before the Throne of Grace and asking God to bring provision for the remainder of what is need, and beyond.

Would you consider helping Gigi through the simple joy of giving?  I have over 1,000 blog subscribers combined across all platforms.  If just my 800 Facebook friends alone each gave $5, that would be $4,000!

I never ask for money on this blog.  But it’s not for me.  It’s for Gigi so that she can receive the miracle of walking.  I am starting the giving, with a donation of $40.  I am asking God to multiply this x100!

If you feel led to give, please follow the link here.

Together, we can make a difference and through the simple joy of giving, give healing and hope to a precious young girl whose eyes sparkle with the light of Jesus!


Seeking beauty in the ordinary and embracing life to the fullest. Thank you for stopping by and come again soon!

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6 Responses

  1. Diane Chase says:

    Sometimes I’m not sure who’s in need. Thanks for sharing this, Barbie.

  2. Barbie says:

    Thanks for stopping by Diane!

  3. Michele-Lyn says:

    I will give, sweet friend. I love your heart of compassion for others, and I want to support you in this courageous endeavor.
    Michele-Lyn recently posted..Why I bought Gifts of Hope Merchandise, and will again.

    • Barbie says:

      Thank you Michele-Lyn. This is so close to my heart. It’s such a simple act, yet it’s a hard time of year for everyone. I truly appreciate you!

  4. Beth says:

    Comment test…I’m happy to report that it is hard to find a post I have not commented on. :)))
    Beth recently posted..Friday Randomness

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