• Giveaway ends 9pm (PST). I'm really enjoying this cd @laurastorymusic Clink the link in my profile to head over to the blog to enter.
  • And my "almost finished product". Come read my review of Creating a Masterpiece to learn more. #onlineartprogram #hsreviews
  • We've been having fun creating art over the last several weeks. Come check out our creations. There's even one from me (I gave a sneak peak in a prior post). Link in profile. #hsreviews #onlineartprogram
  • Sneak peak. Come back to the blog on Wednesday to see what we've been up to. #creatingamasterpiece #hsreviews
  • Excited to begin reading this for an upcoming review. #lamplighterpublishing #hsreviews
  • Come join me for my weekly link up. Today I'm sharing about God's mercy and grace. Link in profile. #glimpsesofhisbeauty

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