Journey To The High Places: Encounter With Pride (Week 5)

HindsFeet_Week5Realizing that the journey that lay ahead of her was steeper than she could have imagined, Much-Afraid is forced to accept the help of her two companions, Sorrow and Suffering.  Even though she felt pain as she gripped their hands, she found they had amazing strength and were able to pull and even lift her upward and over places that would have been impossible for her to reach otherwise.

Down in the Valley of Humiliation, Craven Fear and her relatives were plotting on how to get Much-Afraid to return to them.  They could not stand the thought of her living in the High Places, possibly in service to the King Himself.  They agreed that Pride would be the one to go and bring Much-Afraid back, for he was not only handsome but very strong and powerful.

When Pride finds Much-Afraid, he grabs ahold of her hand (Much-Afraid had let go of the hands of her companions, Sorrow and Suffering) and tries to persuade her to return with him to the Valley.  He told her that the Shepherd did not really care for her, and that He would abandon her in her moment of greatest need when the journey got hard.

Much-Afraid entertained in her own mind what Pride had spoken to her.  She realized that once Pride is listened to, it was a struggle to turn away.  But Much-Afraid remembered her purpose — to seek after the Kingdom of Love, and she remembered that the Shepherd had said He would bring her all the way, and that she would not be put to shame.

It was then that Much-Afraid cried out to the Shepherd for help,

“Come to me, Shepherd!  Come quickly! Make no tarrying, O my Lord.”

And at once the Shepherd was standing before Pride.  His strength and power caused Pride to stumble back down the mountain, stumbling on the stones as he went.

The Shepherd reminded Much-Afraid that had she been holding the hands of her two companions, that Pride would not have had a hold on her.  When Much-Afriad once again took hold of the hands of her companions, she realized they had never been so full of pain, so filled with sorrow.  The sorrow she felt now was unbearable and the anguish in her heart caused bitterness to grow.  As she proceeded along her journey, Much-Afraid limped more painfully than before leaving the Valley.  Pride had trodden on her feet at the moment she called for help and left them more sore than ever.

Sin will take us further than we want to go.  It will keep us longer than we want to stay and it will cost us more than we want to pay.  God, in His mercy, will work through those people He places in authority over us to protect us, bless us, and sensitize our conscience…..We often leave this God-give protection when we feel we know what is best.  Then we need to turn in repentance back to God.  When we do, He is faithful to forgive. (1 John 1:9) – Hinds Feet on High Places

Do you remember a time when you listened to the voice of Pride on your journey? What did you learn in the process?

mountains meadowThis is Week 5 of a devotional study of Hinds Feet on High Places.  I have received the author’s permission to quote larger portions of text for purposes of this study.  All of the posts in this study can be found here.


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9 Responses

  1. Cynthia says:

    Oh, I so glad that I purchased this book! I can definitely identify with Much-Afraid and her attraction to Pride. It is a daily struggle to push Pride back down the mountain. Sometimes, you don’t even realize that pride is holding your hand. Then…your actions start to look a lot like Pride and you have ask the Lord to help you kick him back down the mountain. I am enjoying this book, so much! Blessings, Barbara~
    Cynthia recently posted..The Turning of Pages in Life

  2. I love this quote: “Sin will take us further than we want to go. It will keep us longer than we want to stay and it will cost us more than we want to pay.” So true. I must confess that my good intentions got the book ordered, but I have not been able to read yet. I am enjoying your posts, getting a feel for the book.
    Ginger Harrington recently posted..Recent Guest Posts at Guideposts and Wives of Faith

  3. Barbie,
    Reading this it made me realize that pride can cause us to want to avoid sorrow and suffering instead of welcoming them as our friends on our journey to greater freedom…I needed this reminder today…Thank you, friend 🙂
    Dolly@Soulstops recently posted..A Postcard (Of Sorts) To You because I appreciate you!

  4. Sorrow and suffering. We forget how God uses them to bring us to Himself. I needed this today. My sorrow was not too heavy because He carried it. Thank you for your prayers. ~ Chris
    Chris Malkemes recently posted..At The Loft – My Greatest Insecurity

  5. Amy Jung says:

    I’ve fallen behind on this journey to the high places! But I’m back! Just struggling here for the last couple of weeks. So I just got through chapter 5 this morning and it was so timely. Just last night, I took the hand of pride. When we do that, it does scar us and everyone involved. It is as though we’re worse off than before. It doesn’t do us any good…only harm. But I praise God for his healing promises. Though we have sinned, He has washed us white as snow! He restores and heals and strengthens. Thanks for doing this study, Barbie. EVERY time I read a chapter, I am blessed…
    Amy Jung recently posted..When You Fear What Life May Bring

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