Day 2: A Different View


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Day 2View

“The view is better from here,” or so I am told.

My eyes are conditioned to focus on the same detail, the same landscapes day after day. As far as the eye can see, this becomes my view. But what would happen if I ventured out, beyond the normal, and allowed my eyes to fall on that which was previously unknown to me?

Change is inevitable.  It’s not comfortable.  It’s not always embraced, rather, it is often met with resistance.

[Tweet “Yet, if I allow it, change can open up a whole new view of the beauty God intends for my life.”]

My eyes long to behold the beauty of the Lord. Can I believe that there is beauty to be had far beyond that which I can see with my natural eyes right now, right at this moment? If I truly believe that there is beauty on display everywhere, will I allow God to move me out of my comfort zone and give me a different view?

The truth of the matter is, the view may very well be better someplace else. I just can’t see it yet. But I can trust that God will bring His beauty into view in my life.

I will go, sometimes kicking and screaming. I will yield, most often not without a fight. I surrender, oh I surrender several times over.  And finally, I give in and I trust.

Show me Your beauty, Lord. Move me according to Your will and give me Your view for my life.  I will lift up my eyes, so that I might see that which is already in Your view.

I lift up my eyes to the hills.
    From where does my help come?
My help comes from the Lord,
    who made heaven and earth.
(Psalm 121:1-2 ESV)

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Seeking beauty in the ordinary and embracing life to the fullest. Thank you for stopping by and come again soon!

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22 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    Love this! May your different perspective open up new avenues for you. Hugs!
    Mary recently posted..Oprah’s Courage or God’s?

  2. Jedidja says:

    Thank you for this words. I love it. Psalm 121 is the psalm I read often again and again. Powerful blogpost.
    Jedidja recently posted..Het is een keertje op

  3. Love this series Barbie!! I love Psalm 121!! And this line- the view might be better some where else! Isn’t that the truth!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful heart with us! Love you

    • Barbie says:

      I often wonder if the grass isn’t greener on the other side. I am learning to ask the Lord to show me the beauty that is right in front of me, covered up under all of the mess.

  4. Beautiful, Barbie! And such truth!!!

  5. Beautiful post Barbie. I am also one of those who surrender and then surrender again.

    God Bless during your 31 Days.

    ~ Cassandra
    Cassandra M. Stewart / Renaissance Women recently posted..Weekend Worship: The Place The Streams Come From

  6. Chrissy says:

    Ah, this is just beautiful! I so enjoy your posts – they are just what I need. My life, too, has been turned upside down a bit these past few months and your words are beyond perfectly fitting – thank you so much for this! Looking forward to your post tomorrow! xxx
    Chrissy recently posted..Blogging // Helpful Tips

  7. Beth says:

    I just love you and all that you share. xoxo
    Beth recently posted..Finding Your Worth in a Wearied World {of Words}

  8. Perspective is everything! May God show you lots of unexpected beauty right where you are!
    Ginger Harrington recently posted..God Himself is Making Me Whole

  9. June says:

    That is one of my favorite scriptuers, Barbie! A great reminder as to which direction we should look for our help, and Who it is that helps us, and the power He has to do so!
    June recently posted..Inspired by . . . Day 2: Adversity

  10. charis says:

    it always makes more sense looking back to me than looking ahead. i think that is the perfect view – seeing how He was always faithful even when we struggle to believe. He has such good plans!
    charis recently 2: the journey

  11. Mindy says:

    I love your quote. (I would tweet it if I had Twitter!) God always has a reason for change in our lives even though we can’t see the bigger picture. There is beauty ahead.
    Mindy recently posted..Giving Thanks Friday (and a winner!)

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