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When you feel as if you have nothing left to give, but you surrender your weakness to the Lord, despite your feelings or your circumstances, God will always bless and He will always speak.

I am continually amazed that when I come before the Lord to paint during worship, but feel empty and far from Him, those are the times when I paint the most profound pieces. God reminds me that although I may feel empty, there is abundance to be found in His presence.


[tweetthis]God awakens my empty heart to His abundance. @BarbieSwihart #TheWeekendBrew[/tweetthis]

I painted this piece about two weeks ago during Sunday morning worship. I used my hands exclusively. At first it was just the blue/green background, but towards the end of worship, I noticed what appeared to be a stem in the painting, so I tried to develop it a little more. At the top, the stem appears to be unfolding with the birth of a new hope, a new promise. The Dandelion, I believe, is significant in that when I was a little girl I would make wishes and blow these flowers all over the place. This is what I hear God saying to me with regard to the painting:

“God ahead, My Child, make your wish. Scatter the secret desires of your heart and I will catch them. I will awaken you to all that I have for you, and your heart will overflow once again with hope and promise.”

I believe this is a timely and significant word and visual representation of the current season I’ve been wrestling through.  At times, I’ve nearly lost my will to fight, to dare to dream and to dare to believe that I could reach forward and lay hold of the promises of God for my life.

I need to be stirred up again to the awareness that I can live — fully live with a heart of joy in His presence. No matter what is happening in my own life, or what is happening in the world around me, I want my heart to be ALIVE, overflowing with hope and promise.

How about you? Do you need a heart awakening? Does your soul need to be stirred up from within? Do you desire to live life fully awake and full of expectation for what lies ahead?

[tweetthis]God desires to awaken our hearts to fully live with joy in His presence. @BarbieSwihart #TheWeekendBrew[/tweetthis]

Oh Lord, awaken us to Your love.
Awaken us to Your promises of hope and healing.
Awaken us to the desire to live life fully aware of Your presence.
Awaken us to Your glory, which is in us and all around us.
Awaken us to a world in desperate need of Jesus.
Awaken us to to worship You with all of our hearts.

This song has been ministering to my heart this week. I pray it will bless you too!

We are so thankful to have you at The Weekend Brew!

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Seeking beauty in the ordinary and embracing life to the fullest. Thank you for stopping by and come again soon!

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31 Responses

  1. Barbie, this is beautiful…the painting, the whisper from the Lord, the message…all if it. I love this painting! What a neat way if expressing worship! I pray that you get through this valley and begin ascending the mountain once more soon. Thank you for your inspiration today.
    Mary Dolan Flaherty recently posted..Sunrise Insights on Making Excuses

    • Barbie says:

      Thank you Mary. It’s been hard, but I’m thankful I get to connect with the Lord in worship and use the gifts He’s given me to encourage others. Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Joanne Viola says:

    Barbie, you mention the dandelion. It amazes me that there is not a child who is not fascinated with dandelions. I will never look at a dandelion quite the same 🙂 but always remember to “scatter the seeds of hope and promise”. Grateful to be here. Enjoy the weekend!
    Joanne Viola recently posted..Six To Enjoy!

    • Barbie says:

      Dandelions bring back such fond childhood memories. I a going to find one this week and scatter those seeds of hope!

  3. Betsy says:

    Beautiful painting Barbie. And yes, I do need to have my heart awakened. The next few weeks look so busy with a women’s retreat I’m organizing and also my son’s 18th birthday/graduation party and two last weeks of homeschool that my mentality has become this: “IF I can just make it through June 6th, I’ll be okay.”

    But that’s no way to live! I want to be awake to God and the joy He has for me.
    Betsy recently posted..God Can Turn The Worst Day Around

  4. Words from a song that was important to me years ago came to mind as I read your post:
    So let us know,
    Let us press on to know the Lord.
    His going forth is as certain as the dawn,
    And He will come —
    He will come to us like the rain,
    Like the spring rain, watering the earth.

    Praying this song, singing this prayer for you today, Barbie.
    Michele Morin recently posted..Another Day. Another Adventure.

  5. Beautiful painting – and love the story how the dandelion began to appear before you. Praying next steps and hope for your heart will also begin to appear and illuminate for you.
    Kathryn Shirey recently posted..Beyond the Surface: The Importance of Deep Friendships

  6. I am so happy to hear that you are able to see the joy laid before you in the middle of the storm. This is a precious beautiful lesson to learn. I am so glad He taught and you listened. Rejoicing with you Barbie, that the Lord is with you always and that there is hope. Cling tightly to Jesus. You will get thru this season. I have been praying!
    Nicki Schroeder recently posted..Time For A Facebook Vacation!

    • Barbie says:

      Thanks Nicki. And you have a Dandelion on your blog. I think I will remember to scatter seeds of hope every time I visit. Enjoy the long weekend.

  7. The painting is absolutely beautiful! I feel like sometimes when we are at our weakest, the attacks and the lies really try to take us down. It is through faith in God and prayer that we can fight this. Everything is in God’s timing, but it is so good how He can take something bad and turn it into good. Thanks for hosting and for sharing your article!
    Kelly @RaisingSamuels recently posted..Last Week of Homeschool (2014 – 2015)

  8. I never ceased to be amazed at how the Lord ministers to me in areas where He has lessons for me in AND in areas where He desires to minister and bring healing. Many times He does so through sermons, Bible reading and now through blog posts.

    Your blog post touched me right where I am at lately, an area of struggle. I so much desire to live in the Joy of His presence.

    Thank you so much for sharing your heart in this matter.

    I just lifted you up in prayer that the Lord will awaken your heart to ALL that He has for you in His promises.

    • Barbie says:

      Karen, I am so glad you stopped by and were touched my the post. Praying you will continue to sense the nearness of God and are awakened to all He has for you. I appreciate your prayers.

  9. Barbie,
    What a beautiful painting and yes, I want to awaken with you to all the joy found in God’s presence….This is a grace gift: “God reminds me that although I may feel empty, there is abundance to be found in His presence.”

    ((hugs)) I’ve been praying for you, my friend 🙂 will keep doing so as God brings you to mind
    Dolly@Soulstops recently posted..Grace to receive God’s delight in you – 4

  10. Sharon says:

    I’ve just been so weary lately. Still missing my dad who passed away 15 months ago. Still making round trips once a month to help take care of my mom. Still just tired, in my emotions and my body. So yes, I could use a heart awakening.

    But, I am always uplifted by the One who invites me to His side, and reminds me that He is yoked with me, and carries every burden.


  11. Your painting and post are so uplifting, Barbie. May we awaken to His still, small voice and all the promises in His Word. Thanks for hosting & God bless!
    Laurie Collett recently posted..Three Found Treasures

  12. Beautiful words, friend! As I’ve felt like I was slogging through mud these last few weeks, I needed to read this and I need some awakening! Happy Lord’s Day, Barbie.
    Holly Barrett recently posted..The Spirit who is from God

  13. Created Well says:

    Oh my goodness this was amazing for me to read. First of all, being creative as a part of worship and devotion is a beautiful idea! I’m going to consider that myself-thank you for sharing! Also, just being in a place where you feel empty or stuck or hopeless. I’m feeling very confused right now because of what’s going on internally as well as externally and it’s just difficult to stay steady some days. Again, thank you for sharing because knowing others get it help to lessen the despair of shame. Thanks, this was very good for me today!

  14. would be a lovely Pentecost song to link at #SONGSonSUNDAYS …
    Sharon @ Faith Hope & Cherrytea recently posted..PENTECOST #SONGSonSUNDAYS: AVION BLACKMAN, HILLSONG, MWS NEWS! 24.5.15

  15. June says:

    A beautiful offering, Barbie! I’m so thankful for what He is doing in your heart, in your life!
    June recently posted..Inspired by . . . designs in nature

  16. Dawn says:

    I love your paintings, Barbie. But I Love the word you shared and the story that you related with it, the hope and life your are spilling just blesses others.

    Thanks for hosting a space to connect.
    Bless you,
    Dawn recently posted..Waving Grace Banners

  17. What a visual – blowing dandelion seed dreams – and trusting God to make them grow – even in the quiet winter of a season. Your art resonates that message! I’m in a different place – and it’s a time of discovery, where I don’t “know” what I’m supposed to be looking at, what I’m supposed to be doing – only that I’m supposed to be intentional in the living in it. Even in the emptiness – He works in us. Learning how to live before the reveal along with you sweet sister!

  18. Beth says:

    Beautiful, dear friend. Praying this for us all . . . to “fully live with a heart of joy in His presence.”
    Love you. xoxo
    Beth recently posted..My hope is found in Him

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