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Life’s rhythms flow in and out. They dance around in slow motion and elusively beckon you to join them. The swirling, circular motion is mesmerizing and you are drawn into the middle knowing that slow and steady is the answer but is not always reality. You catch your breath and follow the rhythm much like preparing to jump into the middle of a jump rope game on the playground.

How do we catch the rhythms of life? When life is chaotic how do we embrace the slow down that we so desperately crave?

Last week, Barbie spoke about de-cluttering and getting back to simple here at The Weekend Brew. Her words simply called us to clear the clutter and get back to the basics. I find this to be a truth I need to examine and act on in my own life. For me, it looks like developing a daily rhythm that focuses on God, health, family and friends.

It is in the rhythms of life that we find God. The consistent focus causes a flow that leads you through each day. God’s Hand directs you in the dance of slowing down.

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I began the search into understanding this week as I looked at the rhythm of rest and found that it all begins with God. We find rhythms through God and they start with His Word.

These are the areas that I will be exploring further as I seek to define and embrace these rhythms in my own life. These rhythms work best in harmony and begin when God becomes the center of the dance. In digging deeper, I have found there are four W’s that summarize my direction and where I need to focus. They are: God’s Word, worship, well-being and welcome.

God’s Word – The rhythm of scripture is in the beauty of the story that God wrote and gives to each of us. To unleash this rhythm, we must not only spend time reading God’s word and understanding it, but allow it to dwell in our hearts. In my day, I am working on beginning with God, His Word and His truth.

Worship – The rhythm of worship plays out in melodies, dynamics of the music and refrains, but mostly are in the words that sing a song to God. Music is one of my love languages (my love of God) and by engaging in its rhythm I am able to sing my greatest prayers of praise and thankfulness directly to God.

Well-Being – The rhythm of well-being is found when we focus on health, clean eating and overall care. Walking each morning allows for a steady beat and a slow down of pace that becomes a one on one time with God. Listening to worship music enhances the experience and creates a deep inhale of God. Worship and walking just seem to go hand in hand.

Welcome – The rhythm of welcome is one that is still developing. It is opening my heart to God’s whispers and calling. It is welcoming in newness and letting God guide my heart and my life. When we welcome God, He centers us and in the centering we become His. I am also learning to welcome friends into my home, heart and life. Creating and inviting real life meetings into our days grows our relationships.

God’s Word, worship, well-being and welcome are not new rhythms for me, but are ones that beg to be explored and practiced daily. Will you join me on this journey to practice daily rhythms in your own life? How will you join the dance of slowing down and allow God to lead the way?

We are so thankful to have you at The Weekend Brew!

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Mary Geisen

Mary Geisen is the momma of two amazing, grown sons, a 3rd grade teacher and a woman seeking God in the ordinary routines of life. Lover of the beach, coffee and long walks outside are coupled with a love of reading. God’s story for her life blossomed into written words that begged to be shared with others. The power of God’s words has inspired her journey of healing and drawing closer to God through the power of grace. Visit her blog at Passage Through Grace

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33 Responses

  1. It’s a wonderful concept, but I can’t slow down. The fight for life has gotten harder than ever, and it’s one I intend to win.

    If I slow down – I won’t be able to catch up. Any inch I give, I won’t get back.

    Where’s God? Oh, He’s here, and He’s laid it out for me – that I have to want this. I have to put my heart into the life He’s given me.
    Andrew Budek-Schmeisser recently posted..Dream Pig {Five Minute Friday}

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I love these four rhythms! Yes, to joining you.
    Elizabeth recently posted..Psalm 89:14…

  3. Denise says:

    I love my quiet time of reading and writing in the morning, and taking my early morning walks; it is in these still moments that I experience the beautiful gifts that God has laid out before my day, and can focus on the rhythms of welcoming the new day and His Word. I still need to remind myself to stop, listen and welcome quiet times throughout the business of the day to keep that rhythm consistent. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting this weekend Mary! ♥
    Denise recently posted..♥ Good Medicine ♥

    • Mary Geisen says:

      I love how you describe your morning time. That is exactly how I want to describe mine as I develop these rhythms. You are so right that once we center for the day we still need to call upon the stillness throughout the day and just breathe. Thank you for being here Denise.

  4. Betsy says:

    This is a good read for me this morning, Mary, since I’m trying to get into a good summer rhythm. The busyness of the school year is gone, and I have a bit more freedom, but I want to use that freedom effectively, not just fritter away the time. Know what I mean? I especially want to work on wellness. With summer heat, it’s getting a bit harder to go for a walk unless I do it early in the morning!
    Betsy recently posted..Impossible Dreams and Mustard Seed Faith

    • Mary Geisen says:

      I am so glad to have you along on the journey Betsy. I will pray that you are able to seize plenty of opportunities to increase and work on wellness this summer. I am sure your heat is nothing like I have here in Ohio but the humidity can make things very hot at times. Blessings as you begin a new week.

  5. Beautiful words, Mary, about finding the rhythm of rest – something so crucial, yet something we seem to forget all the time. Barbie – love the new look of the site and new tagline!
    Kathryn Shirey recently posted..The World’s “Less Than” Or God’s “More Than”?

  6. Mary, I am also finding my feet with the new rhythm of summer schedules and the erratic shifting of events. The Word, rest, rich reading, more time with my good husband, intentionally placing my thoughts before God: these are the rhythms I am fighting for this summer. Thank you, as usual, for your words.
    Michele Morin recently posted..Trusting for Grace to Receive

    • Mary Geisen says:

      Good choices Michele! I love how you describe your reading as rich. Summer is always a time for me to dig into certain books that usually have a very big impact on me. Love having you here and thank you for sharing your rhythms.

  7. Joanne Viola says:

    Mary, wonderful post. I so love (and need) my morning quiet times. When I miss them, I feel out of step (or perhaps it is really, out of rhythm) all day. Thank you for this beautiful reminder to stay in rhythm with our Lord. Have a wonderful weekend, Mary & Barbie!
    Joanne Viola recently posted..5: Of Dreams, Detours & Perseverance

    • Mary Geisen says:

      I have read how you try to keep your morning time sacred over at your blog and you have always inspired me to do the same. I know exactly what you mean when you say you can get out of step when you don’t center yourself first thing in the morning. Blessings as you begin a new week.

  8. This is beautiful, Mary — may we follow Him through the dance of life, enjoying the rests as well as the quick turns. Thanks for hosting and God bless.
    Laurie Collett recently posted..Three Steps to Peace: Repentance, Reconciliation, Rest

    • Mary Geisen says:

      I imagine you can relate well to rhythms Laurie as a dancer. I always love seeing you here and I pray that your upcoming week is full of steady rhythms and peace.

  9. June says:

    I wish I were a morning person. I love the stillness. But at this time in my life it’s just not happening. So, I although I do seek God in the morning, and write, I walk in the evening, when the earth seeks her rest, and I commune with Him then too, and pray through the day. I do need to be better about incorporating worship into my daily rhythms. “In the centering we become His.” Love what you’ve offered here, my friend! Blessings on your weekend.
    June recently posted..Inspired by . . . Life thru My Lens 26:52

    • Mary Geisen says:

      I sometimes think that as much as I say I am a morning person, I don’t always love it like I did when I was younger. I love how even though your rhythms look different than mine, you still strive to walk and commune with God. Thank you for being here June! Blessings on your week!

  10. I like having life referred to a rhythm, instead of how people call life a roller coaster. It is a rhythm and sometimes there are times when the music plays fast, or you can take your time and enjoy the moments when it is slow. Thanks for sharing this, I really needed to hear that today. Blessings and thanks for hosting 🙂
    Kelly @RaisingSamuels recently posted..Exploring the 50 States Notebook Journal (Curriculum Review)

    • Mary Geisen says:

      I don’t like roller coasters so if my life is described as that, there wouldn’t be much positive about it. 🙂 I appreciate how you incorporated your own take on how rhythms can be described. So glad you are here today.

  11. Mary, Ahhhhhh … such beautiful words and sound advice. Those are four rhythms I, too, need to keep exploring. Sometimes I invest better than other times. But, I surely know, that when I do, the peace in my soul is undeniable. Thank you for the reminder to stop the rush, and make time for what is important!!!
    Blessings and smiles,
    Lori Schumaker recently posted..How Do I Define Excellence as a Parent?

    • Mary Geisen says:

      Your sweet encouragement brought a big smile to my face. I know that as I work on my four rhythms it will not be perfect and it will not happen overnight. I do love that others are on this journey with me. May we all stop and make time for ourselves in the busy as well as embracing others to join us. Blessings!

  12. Barbie says:

    I’m focusing more on well being these days. I am too overweight and unhealthy, and this has to change. I am so thankful to partner with you here at The Weekend Brew Mary!

  13. Love what you have put into words here, Mary. It’s these rhythms of life that I’m looking to get back. Appreciate your example and encouragement to find them again!
    Holly Barrett recently posted..A letter every year #2

    • Mary Geisen says:

      Holly, I know with your current job that it is so difficult to find rhythm but also sometimes to maintain it. I will be praying that you are able to settle into a routine that blesses you and others. Love you friend!

  14. We are called to discern times and seasons – the ebb and flow of life – and live, at rest, within the current season…
    Sharon @ Faith Hope & Cherrytea recently posted..SONGS on SUNDAYS: FATHER’S LOVE 28.6.15

    • Mary Geisen says:

      Thank you for your beautiful words. Life does have an ebb and flow and in that process we must learn how to incorporate rhythms of rest. Blessings for your upcoming week!

  15. Karen says:

    Hi Mary – Love your four rhythms and pray for God’s prodding to lead me in the pursuit of them. However, FIRST it will be necessary to eliminate the out of sync rhythms that are holding me back and causing disharmony in my daily routines!

    I can do all things thru Christ who strengthens me – right? Amen!

    Love you,

    • Mary Geisen says:

      Yes and amen, Karen! It is only through Christ that I am able to do what I do. I will be praying for you that you discover your out of sync rhythms and learn how to let God lead you into the rhythms that will benefit you. Thank you for following me here and commenting. Love you!

  16. Beth says:

    I really resonate with this post, Mary. In fact, it touches on some of the concepts in my book that I’ve been working on. I feel like many young wives–well, any age wife–often have trouble making God the center of their day and creating these rhythms you’ve talked about so eloquently. I think you and I would have many very interesting conversations, if we could meet face-to-face. Maybe one of these days that will happen! Thanks for the inspiring post and for the lovely linkup too!
    Beth recently posted..Comment on How to Affirm Your Mate Printable by » How to Affirm Your Mate Printable

    • Mary Geisen says:

      I agree that “when” we meet we will need a long block of time to talk about all the things we have in common. I am very interested to hear about how you are addressing these rhythms in your book. I know it will be a blessing when it comes out. Your encouragement always means so much to me. Thank you for investing in me and linking up at The Weekend Brew.

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