Embracing Life’s Transitions // A Book Study

I’ve always been a pretty flexible person, or so I thought. I seemed to adapt well to minor inconveniences, and tend to get excited when I know that there is change around the corner.

But sometimes life can appear to be one continuous season of change. After a while, it’s easy to become weary and lose hope while the rug is pulled out from underneath you.

Since 2010, I’ve been in what seems like a whirlwind of change.  That year, my husband lost his job in the construction field. We embraced it as a season of change and looked forward to the “new” that God would bring.  But nearly four years later in 2014, my husband was still, for the most part, without full time work. We lost so much in that season — tangibly and personally.  Thankfully today, my husband has a full time job that pays very well and we are very grateful to God for His provision.

Last September I lost my job at my church were I served for what seemed like a lifetime already. I felt called to be there all of my days. It’s not a change I have yet been able to fully embrace, but I know that I need to in order to heal and move forward.  I

Several months ago I received A Girl Meets Change, by Kristen Strong, for review. [Tweet theme=”basic-white”]I left it sitting on a shelf unable to open the pages. I knew if I did, I would have to open my heart to change.[/Tweet]

I think I am finally ready to accept and believe the truths that God has for me through life’s transitions.

But change is an unavoidable part of life, and handling it is a skill necessary to our well-being. Life and anything that represents life involves movement, and standing rigid against it will only break us. So being the loving parent he is, God gently but firmly urges us toward the uncomfortable places change brings. – Kristen Strong, A Girl Meets Change.

Beginning Tuesday, November 3rd, I will be blogging my way through A Girl Meets Change as I allow God to speak to me about embracing life’s transitions. It’s hard for me to read books and absorb them these days. Writing down my thoughts helps me to process what I read.


If you would like to read along with me, and interact through comments and on my Facebook page, you can purchase the book here.  But if you can’t, I hope you will still stop by and read.

May the Lord continue to give you grace and strength as you allow Him to lead you through Life’s transitions.


Seeking beauty in the ordinary and embracing life to the fullest. Thank you for stopping by and come again soon!

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13 Responses

  1. Mary says:

    Barbie, I LOVE change…the changes that I orchestrate and/or plan for. I’m totally fine with those changes. 🙂 But the changes that life brings, that someone else causes or that I am not “ready for”…those changes often wipe me out and take me down. I know you have endured many changes in the last 5 years. I’ve prayed for you often and I am glad things are looking better for you.

    This book was/is amazing. It was a great book for me to read at the time I read it. I was going through so many changes myself. I’ll be checking in on your study.

    Hugs & prayers coming your way today.
    Mary recently posted..For your Sunday…

  2. Wanda says:

    I like your idea of blogging through a book. I have look at Girl Meets Change before and considered reading it; however, my TBR list just overflows. I look forward to reading what you share. Happy reading!
    Wanda recently posted..The Power of Influence

  3. Trudy says:

    I love this idea, Barbie. I’m looking forward to your posts. It sounds like a great book. I’m so sorry you lost your job. Some changes are so hard to understand. One can feel so helpless in it all. I often have to pray the serenity prayer. And try to focus on God’s bigger plan for us. It’s not easy, is it?
    Trudy recently posted..Everyone Needs Compassion

    • Barbie says:

      It is not easy at all, especially when you thought you’d spend your entire life in a certain position. But, we need to get out of the way and allow God to moves us according to His will. Thanks for stopping by. Have a blessed week.

  4. Mary Hill says:

    Hi, please share these posts and your announcement posts on Literacy Musing Mondays. I can’t wait to follow your series. 😉
    Mary Hill recently posted..Literacy Musing Mondays: Honoring God With Our Reading

  5. Lynn Jow says:

    Just purchased this book and am looking forward to reading it with you! I know that the Lord has a good plan for you full of hope and new beginnings. Love you my sweet BB!

  6. Dot says:

    Barbie, you once again touch my heart. We always had dinner at 5:00 when I was young. We did not have interrogation but we had silence. Mom and dad talked some, but my two sisters and I were to eat and be quiet.
    My daughter and I as she was growing up ate dinner together as at that point my husband was driving a bus over the road so many nights he was not home until wee hours of the morning. When she was very young he was here for dinners. It was nice.
    I agree these things need to be kept going. I have Two grandchildren My daughter and her husband sit with them every night at the table for dinner. Then cuddle time on the couch after tub time and then to bed. they are almost 4 years old. My son in law leaves very early morning and my daughter works almost 6 days every week so those three little hours a day with them are very important.
    Thank You again for your great thoughts and sharing with us.
    God’s Blessing

  7. This book is waiting for me to finish it – I too have had a lot of change the past few years, so know I need to let it teach me. I’ll be checking in for your insights.

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