When Your Grown Up Christmas Wish List Seems Hard // Featured Guest – Karrilee Aggett

I am thrilled to share my space with one of my greatest blogging inspirations — Karrilee of Abiding Love, Abounding Grace. I first found Karrilee through the Five Minute Friday link up. She is one of those women that I would love to sit across the table from in real life, sipping coffee, sharing about our adult children, and our hopes and dreams for the future. Be sure to visit Karrilee’s blog. Lots of good stuff there.


I don’t know about you, but it seems for the past few years anyway – my Grown Up Christmas List has included less merchandise and a cry for more of the miraculous… less of the lighthearted wants, but more of the heavy and urgent needs.

Sure – the newest iphone would be great… maybe a cute pair of boots, a necklace, a sweater, all the books, but what I really want is less tangible, more necessary!

What my soul longs for is a little peace on earth and a weary world rejoicing!

This year, a bit of all the hard and heavy things have been weighing on my heart and I haven’t given over to the usual joyful holiday spirit quite yet. Oh, it is coming… I can feel it. But the magic of it all has been a little further out of reach! Maybe you too are praying for bigger wishes… Things you are hoping for, not so much tucked under a tree, but available because of the Cross. What I desire is to unwrap the gifts that are already ours… the ones already promised long ago.

Whether I am praying for health and healing… for provision and purpose… breakthroughs and blessings… whatever it is that is escaping my lips in the form of words whispered under breath in the dark of night –whatever the need or want, I find myself lately feeling the weight of it all. It feels heavy laden with burden… it seems hard… dare I doubt quietly and give in to thoughts of how it’s all too much… not even possible, really.

I wish for years’ gone by when my Grown Up wish list seemed less intense… less needy and more wistful and full of whimsy. But instead of longing for what was, I fix my eyes on what was promised and I stand my ground and tell my soul to hope in God anyway… to declare by faith and stir up a bit of expectation for Him to come through!

I remind myself of how the Word says that nothing is impossible. I remember how Jesus told the disciples this very thing when they were a bit caught off guard and afraid of the hard things, too. (Matthew 19:26)

I go back even further and remember when the Angel was telling Mary that her cousin Elizabeth was – even right then – 6 months with child.

Impossible… only not!

The Angel went on to say:

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” (Luke 1:37)

I love the Amplified Bible because, more words –of course! In this version, the verse reads like this:

“For with God nothing [is or ever] shall be impossible.”

Yes. That.

That is what I need to be on the top of my Grown Up Christmas List! I need to remember this…that when it looks impossible, it is a perfect opportunity for God show up and show off and come down and come through.

Because I think so often, what we really need has already been offered to us… it was gifted to us long ago, but we must accept it… unwrap it and make it our own.

Christ came down – and came through… and He is coming still.


Christ came down - came through...and He is coming still. @karrileeA Click To Tweet

God showed up – and showed off… and He is showing Himself off all around us, if we will but look and listen!

Lean in a bit this holiday season and look past the glitter and the glow… maybe squint your eyes just a little and tune your ear to hear beyond the carols playing… I’m betting, like me, you will find a bit of Glory shining through and God will remind you, once again, that He can handle whatever it is that is on your grown up Christmas List!

Place your wants and your needs in His nail-scarred hands and know that He is the greatest gift already given, but even still – He is at work on your behalf, inside and outside of time… He longs to be your dream come true and to cross off every thing from your wish list.

What may look impossible to you, never looks that way to Him!


What may look impossible to you, never looks that way to Him! @karrileeA Click To Tweet

And it’s that truth that brings a Thrill of Hope… and a causes the weary world to rejoice!

Merry Christmas, friends… a Season where hope comes softly, quietly –wrapped in swaddling clothes with clenched fists ever so slowly opening wide for the nails that were to come. Jesus paid the price and ransomed this world so that He could make the impossible possible and bring a little heaven to earth.

Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On.



Karrilee.2Karrilee is a wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. She’s a writer, reader, pray-er, photographer, artist, beach lover, laugh seeker…serving God to the best of her ability. She lives in the PNW with her husband where they are new empty nesters to an only, as well as co-leaders of Dad’s House church. She’s passionate about going deeper with the Lord and inviting others to discover His love. Her life message is: Speak Life. Be Love. Shine On. Karrilee loves to share what the Lord is speaking to her heart over at Abiding Love, Abounding Grace. You can also find Karrilee Facebook and Twitter.


Seeking beauty in the ordinary and embracing life to the fullest. Thank you for stopping by and come again soon!

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20 Responses

  1. Lux says:

    Thanks Barbie for sharing Karrilee’s brilliance with us.
    I couldn’t agree more, Karrilee. God’s standards are far different from us. What’s impossible to us is nothing to Him. Our God is an awesome God.

  2. Mary says:

    Thank you, Karrilee & Barbie!! This is what my heart needed today.

    • ~Karrilee~ says:

      So good to know we are not alone… and wonderful to have the freedom to not pretend, amen? Thanks so much, Mary! Believing for impossible things with you! Merry Christmas, my friend!

  3. Joanne Viola says:

    Beautiful post, Karrilee. I was drawn to read the post as it reminded of Amy Grant’s song, “My Grown Up Christmas List”, which is a favorite of mine 🙂 My “list” has changed much this year. One thing remained the same – I want more of Him in the coming year! And thank you Barbie for sharing your space. Blessings to you both! xo

    • ~Karrilee~ says:

      Yes and Amen, Joanne – that always remains at the top of my list as well! Thanks so much for stopping by! Believing with you… for more of Him – in us and through us and all around us! xoxo

  4. Beautiful words that bring to mind Psalm 19 — The heavens declare the glory of God, the skies show forth the work of His hands.
    The wonder of Jesus is right there before my eyes all the time. I’m just more aware of it during the Christmas season, and the truth is that I should be spellbound (like Simeon and Anna), waiting for ANOTHER advent which will be even more amazing than the first!

    • ~Karrilee~ says:

      Yes and Amen Michele! I love that you brought up Simeon and Anna – two of my favorites in the Christmas story! Waiting in wonder… believing for impossible things with you! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. Tara says:

    Love you friend! So fun to see you here in Barbie’s space. I too long for peace on earth and goodwill to all men! Our wavelengths were very similar this morning…a God who guides our feet into the way of peace..a peace that only our God can provide. And yes, nothing is ever impossible with God. It is so easy to forget that sometimes.

  6. Susan Shipe says:

    My Christmas List? 3 John 4
    That is all. xo

  7. Tobi says:

    Thanks Barbie for hosting the wonderful Karilee! Karilee this such a wonderful post, love this…”God showed up – and showed off… and He is showing Himself off all around us, if we will but look and listen!” such a great reminder to slow down during this busy time of year. I posted a similar post the other day (love when God does that).

    • ~Karrilee~ says:

      Tobi, thanks so much! Yes – I love that we have a God who shows up and shows off in all the best ways – and that He loves to confirm His word to us! Here’s to a bit of slowing and counting gifts that are too great and full of wonder to fit under a tree! xoxo

  8. It’s so helpful to reflect on what we REALLY want for Christmas and to remember as we do that what we ultimately long for is Christ Himself. Thank you for these powerful reminders that Christ can do and has already done the impossible. I always love your preaching:-)

  9. Mary Hill says:

    With God nothing is is or ever will be impossible. This truth is hard to grasp some days. Thanks for the important reminder. He is coming and His love knows no bounds.

  10. Anita Ojeda says:

    Thank you, Friend, for the reminder that the gift is already given–all I have to do is unwrap it every day of the year!

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