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I am so excited to be continuing my guest post series here on the blog. Today, I’d like to introduce you to one of my most favorite people, Patty Scott of Hearts Homeward. I do not know her personally, but we’ve been blog friends for a few years now. We’ve followed each others blogs and have become great friends. She encourages me greatly. We are planning a meet up hopefully in the summer. Please make sure to stop by Patty’s blog and have a look around.

Dare to Dream

You are never too old to set a new goal or to dream a new dream
~ C.S. Lewis

Being a creature of habit has its strong points, to be sure. We don’t have to think much about how to drive the familiar path to work or to drop a child at school. Brushing teeth isn’t something we dwell on and set timers to remind ourselves to accomplish. Even habits of the heart, once ingrained in their trenches, stay with us until a great effort might uproot them and cause them to slide away.

Still, habit-driven living can have a downside. We get into what we know and stay there. Our “normal” becomes a box, keeping us contained into what is good and familiar, but also presenting us with some perceived limitations that may not be real. We end up going through the motions … laundry, grocery shopping, routine commitments, personal care, church … week after week like a hamster on a wheel. The sameness of checking off our to-do list can prevent us from something bigger, something different, something new. The old adage, “If Satan can’t make you bad, he’ll keep you busy,” might contain more truth than we want to admit. Being full of routine activity and obligations can keep us from realizing the greater purposes of our lives.

I think that’s why I love New Year’s so much. It suits my personality to a T to have the opportunity to cast new visions, to look back over the previous year for assessment and set my sights on what I hope will fill up a brand new twelve months. Of course many of us have given up the daunting exercise of setting resolutions. {We don’t want to disappoint ourselves one more time with our failure to follow through}. I’m not really discussing resolve here. Dreaming is different than resolving. When you resolve something, an air of repentance pervades your thoughts. “I will lose ten pounds by June,” has the ring of “I really shouldn’t have eaten all those sweets over the holidays.” With resolutions we’re trying to navigate our way out of situations or lifestyles we have autopiloted ourselves into. I’m not anti-resolution. Go for it! Sometimes we need to move out of some poor choices and redirect towards something more healthy and life-giving.

Dreaming, though, involves more than a resolve. I imagine if we scanned the brain during a resolution and then did a different scan during a time of dreaming about what could be next, you’d see completely different synapses firing off. Dreaming involves letting loose, daring and reaching for something a bit out of the realm of the practical. It invites us to believe in the God who always does more than we could ask or imagine. If you are going to dream, prepare to take a brave leap into possibilities not yet chartered.

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Some people dream naturally. I’m raising one of those. For the dreamer, life contains infinite options, most of them never needing to be tethered to pragmatic details. Visionary individuals can skip this post entirely. Carry on. As for the rest of us, we may need a nudge {or a crowbar} to get off our comfortable tushes and branch out into the realm of imagination, envisioning … risk.

What keeps us from dreaming?

Besides the habitual and over-filled lives many of us live, there are other barriers to dreaming. The need to have a sense of control restrains our vision. We want security, a promise all will be well. Status-quo living {no matter how drab or unfulfilling} provides consistency which makes us feel like we are driving our own life. We may fear stepping outside God’s will or missing the mark or worse yet, failure. By keeping things predictable, we eliminate much of the risk involved in dreaming. In other words our fear of loss keeps us from greater gain. If you have lived a life pocked with loss or rejection {as I have}, it can be hard to open your arms wide and say, “bring on whatever’s next!”


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If you can relate to fearing change, acknowledge it. Share your fear with a trusted friend. Ask for prayer to release your fear and move into trust. Focus on the promise that God maintains sovereign control over you and your life. Remind yourself, “If God is for me, who can stand against me?” Hurt may come, but no lasting harm will enter the lives of those who belong to Jesus. He will take every pitfall, detour, backslide, mistake and hiccup and use it for our good and His glory along the way.

You have one life to live. At this time next year, you want to look back and … and what? What would you like to see more of in your character, your lifestyle, your walk with Jesus? When you die, what do you want to know you have done no matter what? Free yourself to dream. Don’t hem yourself in with thoughts like, “That won’t work,” or “We can’t afford that,” or anything else related to the details. Imagine all the resources in the world at your fingertips. Realize your loving Father in heaven smiles on you as you dream. You can put feet to your dreams in due time. Start cutting out aspects of your life that don’t align with your vision. Bring in new habits and activities that do.

God said it, “Without vision, the people perish.”

Go ahead, dream.


PattyHeadshotPatty is the home-educating mom of two precocious boys. This Midwest girl fell in love with a surfer and made California her home when she married him in 1997. Patty has been blogging about life, parenting and her walk with Jesus since 2013. Helping other women and families as they grow in grace and love is the passion of Patty’s heart and the mission of her life. She loves speaking to groups and investing in women through mentoring relationships. Patty happens to have her Masters in Marriage and Family counseling. She can often be found on her knees in the garden, walking in nature, lying on the couch with a good book or sitting with friends sipping hot tea.  Patty blogs at Hearts Homeward, where you will find honest, transparent sharing along with practical, encouraging support. You can also find Patty on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Seeking beauty in the ordinary and embracing life to the fullest. Thank you for stopping by and come again soon!

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4 Responses

  1. Tracy says:

    I can so relate to this. I love the analogy that Patty uses about being on ‘autopilot’. I’m inspired to face my fear and take a dare. Thank you Barbie for hosting this series! Great to meet you, I’m Tracy from blogbytracy.com

  2. Carrie says:

    I had not heard the quote about Satan keeping us busy before! Yikes! But how true – the mundane and usual can actually deter us from taking a leap out of the comfort zone. My dream is to simplify. Clear the excess so I have more time on my hands. You’ve motivated me to pretend it’s New Year’s Eve again 🙂 Blessings, Patty!

    • Patty Scott says:

      That’s right, Carrie … let’s stretch New Years as long as we need it. This year I put 20min a day aside to purge. I had a neat little plan at the beginning of this, but that flopped (you know, Day 1: kitchen, Day 2: hall closet …) so, now I just take one area of the home, set a timer, go for 15 minutes purging and leave my self 5 minutes afterwards to tidy the area I purged. I don’t get to it every day. Wish I did, but life happens and that’s the way it is. The most helpful book I’ve read on simplifying was Tsh Oxenrider’s book, “Organized Simplicity.” She takes you through setting a vision and mission and then purging anything that isn’t beautiful, meaningful or purposeful. I’ve heard all kinds of purging tricks. If you want some of them, let me know. I’m glad to share. What I find with purging (we do it a number of ways over here) is that it makes room and it challenges us to release our hold on this life. We have to wrestle with lots of emotions and memories as we purge. It’s not for the faint of heart. That being said, simple living brings fresh breezes and room for rest and purpose. I’m cheering you on! Hope you share your progress as you go.

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