Looking Ahead // 2016-2017 Curriculum Choices

I cannot believe the school year is almost at an end. My daughter, who is a Sophmore at our local public high school, gets out on June 17th. My 12yo son, who I homeschool, is hoping to be done with most of his studies by June 3rd, although we have plenty of subjects to keep us busy off and on throughout the summer months. We will be doing a modified version of “year-round homeschooling”, both to keep him sharp in areas where he needs work and because I have a lot of good stuff coming up for review here throughout the summer.

With Aaron, we will be doing 7th/8th grade next year. He is technically at grade level in Math and Science and below grade level in history and language arts. So we will be modifying our plan a little bit to keep him learning and growing. The awesome thing about homeschooling is I don’t have to rely on a “grade level”. We get to pick what we feel works best to keep him interested in learning and everything else follows.

I am excited to say that we have most of our curriculum picked and purchased for next year. Some of the curriculum I’ve chosen is pricey, but I’ve gotten some used and others I’ve been able to purchase because I’ve sold a lot of curriculum this year to help with my purchases.  Of course, I allow myself the flexibility to toss something if we do not feel it’s working, but for the most part, here are our choices:

2016_2017 Curriculum


We will being doing either Teaching Textbooks 7 or CTC Math. I am hoping to review CTC Math soon, and this will help us make our final decision.  I found Teaching Textbooks used on a sale forum on Facebook, and it’s being held for me until the end of July, just in case.


We have chosen God’s Design for the Physical World by Answers in Genesis. We will be using the most recent version so I have been unable to locate it used, but CBD currently has good prices for each individual book, and Answers in Genesis is currently having a sale on the bundle.


We are excited to be using Mystery of History, Vol. 1 this year. I found this used, with no writing. We struggled in History last year, mostly because the choices I made had so much black and white reading, and my son is mostly auditory and visual. However, not wanting him to spend so much time on the computer, I thought these lessons are short enough to keep his attention and I like the hands on activities.

Language Arts

We struggled last year. I learned that my son needs a lot more practice with grammar and sentence structure in order to write well. So we have chosen BJU English 6 as our text. We were able to find a used, but unwritten in copy on eBay for about a $40 savings! I am hoping this will catch him up in the areas where he is weak. Also, my son loves how colorful and engaging the text is, which is another plus for my visual learner.


Thanks to the Crew, we will be continuing our subscription with Veritas Press Self Paced Bible, working our way from Genesis through Joshua. My son is loving the visual learning aspect of these lessons. (*Review coming soon!)

Foreign Language – Spanish

My son wants to take Spanish but I haven’t quite narrowed down which curriculum we will be using. I am hoping to get in on a review with the Crew for foreign language soon. Perhaps one of these will work.

Along with all of this, we will be reading lots of good literature, writing with daily journal prompts, and attending physical education and study co-ops.

I was blessed to be a part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew this school year, and I am hoping to be able to continue. Being on the Crew has blessed us tremendously! Along with our regular curriculum, we will also be doing any Crew reviews that come up.

If you are homeschooling, have you an idea of what you will be doing for curriculum next year?

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  1. Chasing Slow says:

    You have so many good choices in your upcoming school year! There is something exciting about putting all the pieces together and new beginnings. I do pray that you will blessed in teaching. Every year I find myself learning so much more 🙂

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