52Lists Project v.22 // What Keeps Me Up At Night

As a general rule, I’m a pretty good sleeper once I finally make the decision to turn off my mind and go to bed. There are, however, some things which prevent me from getting a good night’s sleep from time to time.

This week’s list is to share the things that keep me up at night.


A snoring spouse.

Commotion outside.

A dog who needs to go outside.

Something I’m worried about.

Leg cramps.

Prayer for a situation or someone that I love.

Children who are out late and aren’t home when I go to bed.

Sick kids.


Strong winds and rain.

Dogs barking in the neighborhood.

Sirens and the train down the street.

The heat.

Thoughts in my head that I can’t turn off.

How about you? What keeps you up at night? I would love for you to share in the comments below.

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10 Responses

  1. Lux G. says:

    Dogs barking at home. Tee hee. Maybe we’re neighbors? ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Tammy says:

    Oh, you have some things I could add to my list! My man and I slept outside in our backyard in our tent a couple nights this week, I wanted to remove our dog’s “barkers”, not really, but boy they were loud!

    • Barbie says:

      How fun is that. I’m not a good camper. I don’t think I could sleep in my own backyard in a tent. Thanks for stopping by Tammy!

  3. Chasing Slow says:

    Oh, I remember heartburn keeping me up during my pregnancies. “Thoughts” in my head do the same thing.

    Sleep well!

  4. Debbie says:

    Barbie, I wear ear plugs at night since my hubby uses a CPAP machine for his snoring. I don’t hear a thing. And club soda or tonic water will help the leg cramps. I usually sleep pretty well unless I’ve got much on my mind. Then I close my eyes and start praying and before you know it …I’m asleep. ๐Ÿ™‚

    It’s good to be back visiting your blog.

    Blessings and love,

    • Barbie says:

      I think I will soon own a CPAP machine. Well, at least there is help for me! Glad to see you here Debbie!

  5. Mindy says:

    Definitely worry – then prayer for the worry and prayer for the people who I worry about…and those thoughts that won’t turn off is the #1 cause for me.

  6. Lisa notes says:

    Wow–I share MANY of those same ones with you, Barbie. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Physical pain often wakes me up and keeps me awake. And then I hear the snoring and the dog barking and etc. I use a white-noise machine which helps with a lot of the noise, but not the ones closest to my ear. ha.

  7. Leila Minbashian says:

    Caffeine, alcohol, and chocolate. For most people alcohol puts them to sleep but for me it keeps me up.

    • Leila Minbashian says:

      I usually don’t have caffeinated drinks past 5 pm. Sometimes I can get away with a little chocolate for dessert.

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