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Summer is in full swing over here. My kids are enjoying the outside, sports and spending time with friends.

Because we are both working parents, Summers look different for us. While other families are taking long vacations and frequent day trips with their children, our week’s are “business as usual” during the day. We look forward to the weekend, as well as the occasional long weekend, to do engage in family activities.

While we are at work, our kids hang out with family and friends, play sports, swim and engage in youth activities and day trips through our church.

It was important to me that we continue to focus on school to some extent during the summer. While I am taking a very relaxed approach to learning (2-3 days instead of 5), we are focusing on reading and math with our son, as well as review material that we’ve committed to for The Crew through the summer.

My son just started reading The Hobbit. While I had a unit study all ready to go, I’ve decided to back off a bit and just allow my son to read for fun. I do intend to ask him questions about the reading. After he finishes the book, we will watch The Hobbit movie together.

Upcoming Curriculum Reviews

We are just finishing up working through Latin Derivatives with Laurelwood Books and doing art with ArtAchieve. I look forward to sharing our thoughts on these later this week and next week.

I knew that I wanted to continue working on math this summer. We are currently working through CTC Math (Review coming the first week of August). I have decided to start with Basic Math and Pre-Algebra concepts and go from there. So far, he’s doing well.

We have also just started learning Spanish with Foreign Language for Kids by Kids. (Review coming mid-August). My son has been wanting to study a Foreign Language and I haven’t been able to find anything to hold his interest. We have only just began and I look forward to sharing our thoughts on this curriculum with you.

My son is also enjoying working through an interactive book — which is actually so much more than a book, called Orphs of the Woodlands by Star Toaster, LLC. ¬†We look forward to sharing more about this later this month.

Thankfully, my son has plenty of educational material to focus on at least 2-3 days during the summer months, as well as enjoying lots of free time and long weekends.

Are you schooling during the summer? If so, what does it look like in your homeschool?










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