Our 8th Grade Curriculum Choices for 2016-2017

I have been planning this coming school year pretty much since last school year began. It’s taken me pretty much up to this point to get comfortable with our choices, all the while knowing we may very well be switching things up throughout the year. It’s not just about what works well for our son, but what fits into my crazy, busy schedule.

Below is what we’ve chosen as curriculum for the coming school year. My son had a part in choosing most of his curriculum. I like to include him in the planning process because I find he does better when he takes ownership and finds things that interest him.


My son completed Saxon 6/5 last year. Although Saxon was a good fit, my son didn’t care for the continual repetition and the he only got to work a few problems with the newer concepts in each lesson and everything else was repeat. Although I believe this can be a good thing, my son is pretty good in math so boredom set in. We’ve decided to try Teaching Textbooks Math 7 this year. We will also be utilizing CTC Math (see my review here) for extra help and reinforcement.

Language Arts

This has been a hard one to pick, mostly because of my son’s issues with reading comprehension. It was important to me to pick a curriculum that included literature, and supplement it with other things as needed. This year, we will be using Learning Language Arts Through Literature (Tan). Although this is a 6th grade book, we choose it for the literature choices. We do not feel he’s quite ready for the books in Level 7 or 8 yet, as far as comprehension goes.  We will also be using Vocabulary Virtuoso (Critical Thinking) as well as Monthly Writing Prompts from the Christian Homeschool Hub (review coming soon).

*Update – We have already had to do away with LLATL. Now I am looking at Growing With Grammar or Voyages in English. Help!


This was a subject that was all over the place last year. We did a little bit of American History, but for the most part we focused on a few unit studies and didn’t get much of anything accomplished. This year, I’m excited to give All American History Vol 2 (The Civil War to the 21st Century) a try. I believe the text has just enough reading to get my son to begin exercising those comprehension muscles.


My son really wanted to study Physical Science this year, but I didn’t feel he was ready for some of the more involved texts that are available. So, he choose God’s Design for the Physical World to use this year. It is written for grades 3-8. Although we are at the top of the tier, I do believe it will be challenging enough for him and will meet his desire for a physical science.


We got the chance to review Veritas Press Self Paced Bible this year and my son loved it. So we will be continuing on with our study from Genesis through Joshua this year.

Physical Education

My son will continue recreational basketball this year, as well as participating in a sport’s co-op a few times a week.


We aren’t sure yet what course he will choose for an elective. He is leaning towards Anatomy or Music history/appreciation.  So far, I haven’t found just the right fit. Suggestions are welcome!

Crew Reviews

We are hoping to be able to remain on the Schoolhouse Review Crew this next year. I’ve been blessed with so many wonderful resources and I cannot imagine homeschooling without being a part of the Crew.

There you have it. I’m currently in the planning stages, getting all of his coursework into my planner on Homeschool Planet. We are both looking forward to a great school year.

I am linking this post as part of the 5 Days of Homeschool 101 from the Schoolhouse Review Crew. Head on over there to find other great curriculum ideas.

Also linking to the 2016 Back to Homeschool Blog Hop for Curriculum Week over at iHomeschool Network.



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  1. LyndsD says:

    Those are great choices!!It will be a great school year! My 8th grader is along some of those same choices. I’ve been working on our curriculum picks post as well. Your post is definite inspiration to get it done! Praying over your new school year! (((hugs!!)))

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