A Working Mom’s Homeschool Life: I & J – Interesting Journey

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Life has been crazy busy over the last couple of weeks. Working full time for a CPA during tax season brings long hours and a lack of brain cells. I was all set to blog my “I” letter and found out the link up had closes and we are actually on the letter J. So, I decided to combine the two. Honestly, I’m exhausted and I’m not sure how this post will turn out, but I didn’t want to skip another week.

I don’t doubt for a moment that we made the right choice for our boy. This journey with all of it’s uncertainties, twists and turns, it’s been an interesting one. It’s like I have to find my way each and every day. It seems like we are switching things up more often than not. I’ve doubted my abilities as “teacher” and “parent” at times, but I know we are making progress. And while my husband isn’t quite convinced we will homeschool him all the way through high school, I am taking it one day at a time and believing God’s best for him.

While most homeschool mom’s I know gather up their children for breakfast devotions and co-ops, I am off to work before my son is even up. I leave his schedule and he knowns exactly what I expect from him before I get home. Some days are more of a struggle, and I am working hard to try to figure out a plan that will enable us to get more time together doing school. My son as learned to be very independent and I am proud of him for this, but I feel he is in need of so much more guidance than I have the energy to give.

I often wonder if I am doing more harm than good. I second guess myself and I worry that he’s not learning what he’s supposed to be. While textbook studies have proven the areas of struggle, and reinforced his bent towards visual and auditory learning, I find myself refining all the time. One moment we are following the public school courses and the next we are doing our own thing, even just taking a step back to breathe. When I see progress in the form of facts memorized, properly written paragraphs, and art projects he didn’t think he could do, I know that we are on the right track. But I can’t help but worry sometimes if I will be able to adequately prepare him for a future as a confident and productive adult.

I don’t know how long this journey will last, but I will take all I can get. As we are bumping up against the high school years I know the level of dedication and commitment it will take. I know that it will be exhausting. I know that I will cry some tears, as I am sure the boy will. But I know that we are ready for the challenge and blessed to be able to be in charge of our son’s education.

I only want what is best for our son, so I will continue this interesting journey of homeschooling for as long as the Lord makes a way.

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6 Responses

  1. Nita says:

    We parents think that we are raising and guiding kids, but they are God’s tools to show us the depth of love He has for us. That love challenges us to be better, stronger and more patient.

  2. Lux G. says:

    I said if I ever have kids, I would homeschool them. This is really great help.

  3. I am so proud of you, you are so real! We need this, we need to know we aren’t alone and it is hard. It is not forever be it homeschool or public school. We just do our best 🙂 Thanks!

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