A Working Mom’s Homeschool Life: K – Keeping It Real

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I envy homeschool moms who actually get to stay home with their children all day. I know it’s work and I’ve heard all of the stories, but I would give anything to actually be home, sitting next to my son, while he completes his work. I do get to sit with him for some, but not enough. I am thankful he’s at an independent age, but still, I miss it.

I don’t have a place where we do school. It’s done at the kitchen table and my bookshelf of homeschool supplies/curriculum (which desperately needs organizing) is smack dab located in what I guess is our dining room.

I haven’t corrected a workbook page for over a week. Exhaustion has set in as I’m working lots of overtime at the CPA office. Tax season can kill you! But the beauty of it is that I can give my son the answer books and let him correct his own work.

I don’t keep house. I share more about how I tackle housework here.  I manage to do laundry. I can handle the kitchen. That is about it.

I’m not even sure my son eats breakfast. I make sure we have the required foods on hand (eggs, bread, milk, cereal, frozen waffles, bananas, oatmeal). Since he doesn’t wake up before I leave, who knows if he eats or not.

I choose online curriculum not only because it helps my auditory learner, but because it does all of the work for me. I love logging into my son’s History and Bible through Veritas Press and seeing what lessons he’s completed and what grade he’s getting.

We aren’t very good at getting in science experiments. We watch them on video a lot. We have two boxes of Science Expeditions yet to do. It’s just hard to fit it in. (Hence another reason it would nice to be home actually doing school with my son.)

We gave up foreign language for art. It’s just easier and a lot more fun. We are loving working through Creating A Masterpiece. You can read my review here. We are also working through Level II of ArtAchieve and I will have a review up soon. Until then, here’s our review from Level I last year.

We participate in virtual field trips. I mean, how do you “do” field trips and work? I’ve tried unsuccessfully to join a field trip group with local homeschoolers, but I don’t think I was welcomed as a full-time working parent. I couldn’t get anyone to drive my son to anything.

Some days we skip a class or two or just skip school altogether. I love the flexibility of being able to take a needed break. We all need a break, don’t we? We are supposed to have 180 full days of school under our belt between the last week of August and mid June, but I am sure we make up the days we miss along the way.

How are you keeping it real in your life? 

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9 Responses

  1. Nita says:

    This year has been a lot of keeping it real. For the last month, my husband has been in between jobs. I’ve come home, kissed him and taken a nap. Then we slap hands and he takes one. We’ve been able to do this at least 3 days a week. I’m going to miss when he goes back to work. No more consistent sleep and naps for me.

    • Barbie says:

      That’s awesome that you get to trade naps with your husband. What I wouldn’t give for a nap during the day. Thank for stopping by Nita!

  2. Amanda says:

    It must be hard to balance working and home schooling. I don’t even work and didn’t even attempt preschool. My son loves his preschool so much and it is a nice break to have some me time. Thanks for your honesty. it is a good reminder we can’t do it all.

  3. Renee K. says:

    Barbie you are amazing doing what you do. I love reading your blog and your heart just shines through. It sounds like your son is getting what he needs.

  4. Housework eventually gets done. What truly matters is our boys. Pouring your heart and soul into him as you are is impacting his life in a huge way. He may not realize the sacrifices you are making on his behalf, right now, Barbie but one day he will and he’ll be so thankful for all that you did! It isn’t necessarily the quantity of what we give but the quality. I used to focus on all my son was missing by having a mom who is always so ill. Now, I focus on all we can do together. I may not be able to do everything I’d like but I do what I can and I give it my best effort. That’s all we can do! Keep giving it your best

  5. that’s something I need to remember… that 180 day in school requirement…. that’s less that half a year you know? As long as one meets that you are pretty much covered.

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