A Working Mom’s Homeschool Life: L – Lesson Planning

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When I made the decision to begin homeschooling, one of the things that I fretted about was lesson planning. I knew that because I was a working mom who was outside the home for the better part of the day that having a plan in place was going to be an important part of our homeschooling success.

Lesson planning starts for me in July every year, which means any curriculum purchases need to have arrived on my doorstep by the end of June. That is not to say that I’m not open to switching things up throughout the year, as not everything we set out to do will work. But for the most part, we have our major purchases completed.

I’ve gone back and forth between paper planners and computerized schedulers. I love the paper planners. I get to use different colored pens and stickers, and many of them come complete with homeschool helps, such as a place to keep a book list, course of study, grades, etc. But because our daily schedule is aways subject to change, and it does change quite often, I love having a computerized schedule. Currently I am using the lesson planner from Homeschool Planet. It’s been exactly what I’ve needed to help us stay on course.

In July I sit down with all of my curriculum. After I figure out which days we are doing what subjects, and how many days a week we need to do each subject, I put the entire schedule for the year into my planner. It is very time consuming, but it saves me the fret and worry over feeling as if I’m not prepared. Here’s a screenshot of next week’s schedule (as of today anyway):

If we decide not to do a particular subject on a given day, I can easily move it to another day or delete it all together. Because I review a lot of quality homeschool products, I can easily add these items into our plan alongside our regular curriculum. And I just really love the scripture and quotes along the side for extra motivation.

Each Sunday night I print the week’s schedule and go over it with my son so that he knows what is coming up. I gather any materials that may be needed for art or science and leave them for him on the table. Easy as pie, right?

I’ve only use the planner to keep our daily schedule so far, but it keeps attendance and grades an has report features, all of which will come in handy as we begin high school next year! You can check out the free trial of Homeschool Planet here.

This is how we currently do lesson planning in our homeschool. How about you?

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  1. I loved Homeschool Planet, but I love paper and pen just as much. I have been between the two, but found a great weekly planner at SchoolhouseTeachers.com that i can type it it in and print it out. This works for the high schooler who does a lot on his own!

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