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I started a new discipline this month, as I’ve mentioned before.  Scripture writing is helping me to mediate on God’s Word all day long.  Even though I’ve had some rough days where I haven’t opened the Word, for the most part I am finding myself carrying what I am writing down with me throughout the days and weeks and it’s really helping me to remain positive and focused on the good things in my life.

I had a realization, not a new one, but a reminder this past week.  I was reminded that no matter my imperfections and my failure at getting into His presence at times, God never counts me late or tardy to His table.  His door is always open and he stands ready to receive me, with arms wide open, whenever I take the step toward Him.

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I received a kiss from heaven today.  I was sitting in the lobby at church and a gentlemen came over to me and thanked me for being such a blessing in his life and the life of his family.  He reminded me that several years ago when he first came through the doors at church, I was the one who greeted him.  He want on to say how it made him and his family feel comfortable and welcome and that he was grateful.  He said he has been blessed by our family over the years.  He told me that when he sees me come to church, I look so tired and heavy burdened.  I shared a bit of my struggles with him.  He wanted to remind me that he sees me, but even more importantly that God sees me.

This morning I was reminded that God used me to plant seeds in other’s lives.  You never know who you may touch or how.  But when you need a reminder, God will bring it to the forefront.

How is God reminding you of the blessing that you are to others?

And now I continue to list the beauty that I’m finding in my every day life.

Glimpses #811-820

811.  Sugar-Free Mochas with coconut milk.
812.  Psalm 119:18
813.  Faith stickers for my scripture writing pages.
814.  Medication to help my dog’s flea issue. (Now I can sleep!)
815.  Immune Aid roll on.
816.  Fresh strawberries.
817.  My youngest son who remains motivated in school.
818.  Reminders of seeds I’ve planted in other’s lives.
819.  Catching up with my oldest son.
820.  Peace that overwhelms my heart.

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It is time to share the glimpses of beauty found this week.
Words written, gratitude given, photos taken, things created — anything that reflects the beauty of God revealed in your ordinary life.
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Seeking beauty in the ordinary and embracing life to the fullest. Thank you for stopping by and come again soon!

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31 Responses

  1. Lesley says:

    I’m so glad you were encouraged by knowing you have been a blessing to that man, and also that he took the time to listen to you. It’s encouraging too to remember that God’s door is always open and that he will never turn us away!

  2. Barbie,
    it is so encouraging when people tell us what a blessing we are in their lives. I good friend wrote me a simple email that asked, “Do you know what a gift you are?” She went on to describe how I was a gift to her. I printed it out and keep in my Bible so that when I have one of “those” days, I can look to it in His Word and be encouraged.
    Bev xx

  3. Barbie, your honesty, and vulnerability encourage me. Blessings to you.

  4. He knows just what we need. I think those “kisses from heaven” are like signs along the journey to encourage us that though we have struggles, the place of peace is up ahead.

  5. Barbara H. says:

    I blessed by an encouraging word this week, too, at just the right moment. God knows just when we need them. That reminds me, too, that I need to be that channel to others as God prompts me.

  6. Joy Lenton says:

    What beautiful “kisses from heaven” you have shared with us, Barbie! It can be hard to see what, if any, effect, influence or help we can be to others. But it is wonderful when God gives us a peek into what is often kept hidden to save us from pride. I hope this will lift and encourage you as you ponder on it and maybe tuck the words away into your journal as well as your heart. xo

  7. I’m so thankful that you received that verbal encouragement! What a gift, and it mirrors words that God speaks over you every day!

  8. Gayl says:

    What a blessing to have someone come up and tell you that you were a blessing in their life! We don’t always know who is watching and how God is using us. I’m glad your friend spoke up and told you how your family had blessed him and his family. Maybe we should all do that more – make it a point to tell others when and how they bless us. In so doing we will bless them also! Blessings to you, dear Barbie! xo

  9. June says:

    I’m so thankful that man obeyed God and spoke to you! That is a memory and a truth I know you will cherish for a very long time. A kiss from heaven, indeed!

  10. Diana says:

    Isn’t it wonderful when Heaven sends a kiss our way? A gentle reminder that we are being acknowledged and noticed?

    Never cease from doing great things for God is my takeaway

    Blessings to you Barbie ! What a beautiful name

  11. Beth says:

    Isn’t it wonderful when God sees us in our discouraged state and sends along someone we’ve touched with His love to return that same love back to us? There’s probably a lot more like him too, Barbie! Just know that you make a difference, my friend!

  12. Lisa notes says:

    “I was reminded that no matter my imperfections and my failure at getting into His presence at times, God never counts me late or tardy to His table.” So beautiful. And so beautiful was the kiss you received from God in the presence of the gentleman who encouraged you. God shows up.

  13. Maree Dee says:

    I am so glad you were encouraged by the gentleman. We all need a little bit of that from time to time to remind us we can be bright lights in the lives of others. We never know who we might touch.

  14. BettieG says:

    Dear Barbie, I just love how that encouragement that you gave to that gentleman was then returned back to you when you needed encouraging yourself. It reminds me of the verse when Paul says that the comfort we ourselves have received flows over onto others. What a sweet way of God’s working!

  15. Mary Geisen says:

    I just want to affirm what the gentleman said about you and your family. You have no idea the impact you make on those around you. Sometimes we never know but God always sees, hears and smiles at how you honor Him.

    I love your daily discipline of reading Scripture. I see already how it has focused you and brought you some peace. God is so good!

  16. Carmen Horne says:

    Barbie, your faithfulness in trials is so inspiring. Thank you for encouraging me <3

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