52 Lists Project – 2016

I happened upon this list project by mistake. Or maybe on purpose. I like the idea of blogging in list form once a week on given prompts. I am hoping this will be a fun project and possibly spur some other blog posts. If you’d like to join me, the information about the 52 List Project can be found here.  I will be linking up with Chasing Slow each week as we share our lists.

You will find each week’s list below.

Thanks for joining me on this journey.

Week 1 – The Words That Touch Your Soul
Week 2 – Your Greatest Comforts
Week 3 – The Things You Should Be Proud Of
Week 4 – Current And Future Goals And Dreams
Week 5 – What I Am Grateful For
Week 6 – The Ways In Which We Can Love Others
Week 7 – The Things That Make Me Feel Healthy
Week 8 – My Favorite Albums
Week 9 – The Places I Want To Go
Week 10 – The Ways You Can Cleanse For Spring
Week 11 – My Essentials
Week 12 – The Things That Feel Like Home
Week 13 – The Things I Want To Make
Week 14 – Childhood and Current Dream Jobs
Week 15 – My Favorite Quotes
Week 16 – My Favorite Books
Week 17 – People I Admire
Week 18 – The Ways I Am Energized
Week 19 – The Things I Want To Be Known For
Week 20 – My Summer Goals
Week 21 – My Favorite Snacks
Week 22 – The Things That Keep Me Up At Night
Week 23 – My Pet Peeves
Week 24 – My Happiest Moments
Week 25 – My Favorite Meals
Week 26 – The Things I Keep In My Purse
Week 27 – Life’s Trials That Made Me Better
Week 28 – Things And Places That Make Me Feel Safe
Week 29 – My Favorite Board Games or Apps
Week 30 – The Sports I Love to Play or Watch
Week 31 – My August To-Do List {Back to School Edition}
Week 32 – My Favorite Scents