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Being Intentional About Living // Five Minute Friday

It’s that time again, where I get to join the beautiful community of Five Minute Friday writers.  Each week we write for just five minutes on a word prompt. No editing or overthinking.  No worrying about perfection. Just words freely flowing from our heart to yours.  If you’ve never written a Five Minute Friday post, you should. It’s easier than you think (but sometimes a little hard).

This week’s prompt is

Until recently, I never thought much about being intentional about living. I’ve heard the phrase, “live with intention” and “Be intentional about pursuing your dreams”,  but how does one be intentional about living?  I mean we live and breathe, so therefore we live, right?  Do you know that you can be living and breathing but not be fully alive?  Been there.

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In this season of my life, I have days where I feel as if I’m going through the motions.  I get out of touch with my feelings and walk through life in an utter daze.  Emotions lie to me, and depression and anxiety rear their ugly heads.  It’s all I can do to get up in the morning and start each day with Jesus and a big cup of coffee.

The very definition of intention is something that is aimed for, to have a plan.  My days meld one into the other and not much changes.  It’s easy to look at my muddled life and tell myself that this is simply how it is.  But I know that there is more.  And even in my current emotional state, I can choose to be intentional about living, and not allow the enemy to give me cause to want to give up.  I often think about the big rocks in life that lead toward intentionality and purpose — chasing your God dream, consistent Bible reading and prayer, planning dates with the hubs.  But there is so much more to being intentional about living than the big things.  For me, living a simplified life is the first step to intentional living.

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Here are some of the simple ways I am intentional about living:

Kicking my shoes off and allowing my toes to feel the grass.

Eating an ice cream cone and allowing it to drip down the side.

Chasing my grandson through the house.

Getting a pedicure even when my toes aren’t showing.

Sipping a cup of hot Peppermint tea while reading a book on my Kindle.

Taking a moon lit stroll.

Allowing my hair to blow freely in the wind.

How are you intentional about living?