Size 150×150 = 1 month ($15), 3 months ($35), 6 months ($60)


I would love to advertise your family friendly blog, product or etsy shop. Please contact me here with any questions and put “advertise” as the subject line.

If you choose a 3 month package or higher, I will include a blog post about your site. I am also willing to offer reviews and/or giveaways of advertised products as my schedule allows.

Current Stats:

178,200 page views
264 (avg) daily page views
page views last month: 5,894
Facebook followers: 1,076
Twitter: 1,067
Pinterest: 443
Instagram: 363


I seek to comply with the FTC’s requirements for bloggers. Occasionally companies will approach me with certain opportunities because they know I have readers who are looking for quality products at a bargain. I will share them with you when I think you can benefit from them, and only share the ones I think you will enjoy.

While I’m excited to help companies connect with consumers in this way, my readers come first. I am very cautious and selective in choosing who I work with and will only partner with companies I feel I can wholeheartedly endorse.

I will attempt to always give my honest opinion when reviewing and suggesting products. Whatever opinion you reach is up to you.

I invest my time, money, and brainpower to keep up and running and will strive to only accept relevant advertisements. I share products I enjoy and use affiliate links sometimes, which means I receive a small payment when you click through the link and make a purchase.

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