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September Month In Review

The Fall weather has finally arrived. But boy was it ever hot in September. We had a couple of days here in the San Francisco Bay Area where it was over 100 – like 107, 108. This hardly ever happens where I live. To say I was uncomfortable in my two-story home without air conditioning is an understatement. But alas Fall has arrived and with it cooler temperatures.


Here is my September month in review. Enjoy!

Loving:  My Fall drinks at Starbucks. The Maple Pecan Latte is wonderful!

Reading:  During the month of September, I read Come Find Me, Sage Parker by Aliza Latta. What a beautiful story that brought me to tears at the end. I highly recommend it!

Listening to:  I’m wrapping up a couple of CD reviews here on the blog from Matthew West and Matt Redman. Both great albums!

Shopping for:  I bought a new fall table runner for my dining room table and I love it. Non-traditional fall colors.  I’m still on the hunt for more fall decor. My friend Melissa shared this post about Dollar Store Decor for Fall.

Excited about:  Beginning to shop for Christmas. We are a “cash only” family so we have to start early.  Actually, I should have started in July.

Working on:  Trying to eat healthier and get more sleep. I have good days and bad. One step forward, one step back.

Enjoying:  Time away from the computer. I use to feel guilty not getting on every night to respond to comments, link share, etc. But it’s good to take a night or two off during the week.

Using:  BB Cream for my foundation most days. I like the lighter coverage.

Wearing:  I’ve been living in my Christmas pajamas and black t-shirt. Well, not to work, but I wish.

Planning:  Thanksgiving. I will be hosting my in-laws this year and perhaps my husband entire side of the family. We already have 9 living here and well, we have no space. But we will make it work.

Singing:  I’ve been singing along with Jeremy Camp this week. New CD is out. Look for my review soon.

Learning:  Some more Excel short cuts at work. I don’t use Excel too much but it’s nice to know beyond the basics.

Wishing (Praying) for:  A safer world. The events of the last few days especially have me in tears.

Doing:  Lost of picking up around the house. With 7 adults, one toddler and one baby in the house, I’m in a constant state of picking up.

Dreaming of:  Taking my husband back to Maui for our 30th wedding anniversary next August. It’s where we spent our honeymoon.

Not crazy (sad) about:  All of the violence and blood shed in this world. Really, some days I am like, “Okay Jesus, you can come back any time. I’m ready!” Truth is, the world is not yet ready.

I ended the month of September with this!

Youngest daughter got her permit! She’s actually doing really good, but still, my heart beats really fast every time we get in the car together.

How was your September?

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August Month In Review

September is here and that means back to school. For my kids, summer always seems to go by too fast. For me, since I work full time, one season just flows into the next. August brought us warm days, camps and retreats and we celebrated our 29th wedding anniversary.

Here is my August month in review. Enjoy!

Loving:  Having little conversations with my two year-old grandson. I can’t always understand what he’s saying, but it’s fun to listen to his language develop and increase.

Reading:  I’ve really been enjoying free and low cost downloads for my Kindle Fire. While I’m not yet reading at the pace I want to be, at least I’m starting. The month of August I finished reading The ZooKeeper’s Wife (now I can watch the movie) and enjoyed a romance novel with a comedic twist, P.S. From Paris. Very good!

Listening to:  The kids complain that school has started 🙂 But really, I still can’t get enough of Bethel Worship!

Shopping for:  I’m looking for a table runner, placemats and accessories for my new dining table. Part of the problem is that I don’t really know what I want yet.

Excited about:  My son voluntarily signed up for the Book Club at the school where he’s doing independent study. My son, the one who “hates to read”, the Book Club! I am very excited about that!

Working on:  Writing down my life in a planner and making it pretty. I love my Happy Planner, but only managed to lay out a couple of weeks in August. I am hoping to do better in September. The problem is, I’m getting sidetracked by making it pretty with stickers and such and am forgetting to write down the important things.

Enjoying:  I am loving the Infused Tea’s from Starbucks. It’s a great, low calorie choice since I’m trying to drink less coffee. My favorite is the Peach Citrus White Tea Infusion.

Using:  A wireless keyboard for my MAC computer. Some of my keys are no longer working on my very outdated Macbook so I had to purchase the wireless keyboard. I can type much faster now.

Wearing:  Tank tops. The weather has been so warm.

Planning:  I told you last month that I won’t be doing any homeschool planning. However, with my son doing independent study his freshman year of high school, I still need to plan out his days to make sure the required work is done when we meet with his Advisory Teacher ever six weeks.

Singing:  I’ve found myself singing Christmas songs lately. Really, I don’t like to prepare for Christmas in July but perhaps I’m telling myself it’s time to start shopping!

Learning:  That despite my failures, God still loves me. It’s something I have to remind myself of every day.

Wishing (Praying) for:  The hurricane victims in Texas, and those facing the coming hurricane in Florida. I just cannot imagine their magnitude of loss.

Doing:  Organizing projects. It’s quite a challenge to go from a family of 5 to a family of 7 adults with two children.  There is stuff everywhere but I’m trying to sell/give away things we no longer use and utilizing storage in the garage for things that don’t need to be in the house.

Dreaming of:  A day when I wake up pain free.

Not crazy (sad) about:  I have to have my gallbladder out. I’ve had flare ups for a while and only in the last few months did I begin to realize what it could be. I am going to meet with the surgeon and see if it’s something I can heal through diet, etc. But if not, out it comes. I have several stones and if they get lodged in the duct I am at risk of serious infection.

Here is one of my favorite images from Instagram for the month of July.

You can read the post that this image refers to here.

How was your August?

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July 2017 Month in Review

Here we are in August. I cannot believe how fast this summer is going by. The kids start school at the end of the month and they are already complaining that their summer has been too short. Normally in July I start thinking about Christmas shopping. Now, I said thinking about it. I’ve never actually started until November, but it may be smart to start early, given the fact that we purchase everything on a cash-only basis.

Here is my July month in review. Enjoy!

LOVING: My “new-to-us” dining room table that is currently being transformed. A dear friend gave it to us and it had quite a bit of acrylic paint on it. My husband is refinishing it and we are close brining it in the house.

READING: I started reading the Zoo Keeper’s Wife in July. I wanted to read it before I watched the movie. I am sure I am going to watch the movie before I get the book read.

LISTENING TO: Bethel worship on Spotify in my car. I have a neat little gadget that allows me to access Spotify and other music on my phone via bluetooth. It’s really a great little thing. 

SHOPPING FOR: Nothing in particular, although I want to try a new skin care for my face. I’ve been using Mary Kay for years, although not very faithful with it. Right now I am just taking my make up off with make up remover wipes. At my age, my skin needs a little more care. I am looking at N0. 7, among other brands.

EXCITED ABOUT: Our upcoming 29th anniversary weekend getaway. I used Priceline to book a room in Santa Cruz. Now to plan our fancy dinner and what we will do for two days without other responsibilities.

WORKING ON: Clearing the clutter. I am going to be participating with Melissa in her declutter challenge. I am behind a couple of days but will be caught up by this evening. We declutter the amount of items that coincides with the day of the month. Super easy! You can check it out here.

ENJOYING: Some quiet evenings as my kids have had two camps in July where they were gone for a week each time. I love my kids, but sometimes it’s nice to have a break.

USING: My Starbucks tumbler to drink more water. It really helps!

WEARING: Pull on shorts and t-shirts. I’ve been living in my comfy lounge shorts every day after work. Plus, they really “give” in the waist when needed.

PLANNING: Normally in July homeschool planning is in full swing, but since we aren’t homeschooling this year (independently that is), I’m on a planning break.

SINGING: “No shadow you won’t light up, mountain you won’t climb up, coming after me. No wall you won’t kick down, lie you won’t tear down, coming after me.” I LOVE this song by Bethel Worship.

LEARNING: To be kind to myself. I’ve struggled with depression for most of my life, although I just over the last few years have been able to admit it for what it is. July had me searching for ways to treat myself well. I am learning that healing is sometimes a long process, and there will be hard days. But God will bring me through.

Healing is sometimes a long process, but God will bring me through. Click To Tweet

WISHING (PRAYING) FOR: My mom, who has been recovering from a fall and other medical conditions. She also has early dementia. We have a long road ahead of us but I know God will continue to pour out grace and strength.

DOING: Not too much. I’ve slowed down a little, but now I fear I am neglecting things that should be taken care of.

DREAMING OF:  Taking my husband away on an exotic 30th anniversary vacation in 2018.

NOT CRAZY (SAD) ABOUT:  My debit card was compromised on the last day of July and someone stole $500 out of our account. The bank had the money back within 2 days, but it just makes me sad that there are people in this world that do this sort of thing.

Here is my favorite Instagram shot from July. I would love for you to follow me there at @barbieswihart.

Grandson # 2 at 7 weeks. Isn’t he the cutest?

How as your July? If you write a recap post I’d love to visit you.


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June 2017 Month In Review

I’ve really enjoyed reading the month in review posts of other bloggers. So I’ve decided that I am going to try to do this. This first month is a little late, but better late than  never. My life is so routine — get up, work, cook, clean house, homeschool, bed — but I know that my life holds much more than just the mundane that I think about and see every day. This will be my effort to fill you all in a little bit more about my personal life and what I’m doing/thinking/hoping for each month.

June was a whirlwind month, for the most part. My daughter finished her Junior year at the local public high school, and we completed homeschooling our son through the 8th grade. Things will be changing for us on the homeschooling front, but more on that later. We also celebrated My mother-in-law’s birthday, my dad’s birthday, Father’s Day, my youngest daughter’s 17th birthday, our youngest son’s 14th birthday and our oldest daughter and son-in-law’s 5th wedding anniversary. My head was spinning by the time the month came to an end and I was on sugar overload!

Here are some more facts about the month of June. I’m using this great list method found on my dear friend Susan’s blog. I don’t think she’ll mind. Just picture the words, “What I’m” in front of each topic.

LOVING:  Spending so much time with my two grandbabies, as my daughter and her family have moved in with us temporarily.

READING: While I have quite the “to-be-read” list going, I can hardly stay awake to read. But I’m reading a lot of great blogs through the BlogLovin app.

LISTENING TO:  Hillsong and Bethel worship. I can’t get enough!

SHOPPING FOR:  Deals for outdoor play items for my two year old grandson, as well as outdoor patio furniture.

EXCITED ABOUT:  Looser fitting clothing. I lost almost 8 pounds in the month of June.

WORKING ON: Healthy habits — eating better, getting more sleeping, drinking more water.

ENJOYING: Warmer weather and longer daylight hours.

USING: My Kindle Fire more to read books.

WEARING: Capris and flip flops.

PLANNING: My 30th wedding anniversary weekend getaway with my husband for mid-August. Not sure if it will be Monterey, San Francisco, or somewhere in between, or both!

SINGING: “God won’t give up on me.” It’s truth and something I came out of the shower singing earlier in the month. A great daily reminder.

LEARNING:  To bend with the wind and go where the Spirit of God leads me.

I'm learning to bend with the wind and go where the Spirit of God leads me. Click To Tweet

WISHING (praying) FOR:  A closer relationship with my husband, rekindled love, more communication. The events over the last several years have changed us, but we are committed to one another and to our marriage.

DOING: Too much, I am sure.

DREAMING OF: Financial freedom. Some day.

NOT CRAZY (sad) ABOUT: The disordered state of my home. I’ve really got to stick with my cleaning/organizing routines otherwise things get out of control fast.

How was your June? Please share in the comments below. If you do a monthly recap, send me the link so I can visit you.