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June Month In Review

I’ve really enjoyed reading the month in review posts of other bloggers. So I’ve decided that I am going to try to do this. This first month is a little late, but better late than  never. My life is so routine — get up, work, cook, clean house, homeschool, bed — but I know that my life holds much more than just the mundane that I think about and see every day. This will be my effort to fill you all in a little bit more about my personal life and what I’m doing/thinking/hoping for each month.

June was a whirlwind month, for the most part. My daughter finished her Junior year at the local public high school, and we completed homeschooling our son through the 8th grade. Things will be changing for us on the homeschooling front, but more on that later. We also celebrated My mother-in-law’s birthday, my dad’s birthday, Father’s Day, my youngest daughter’s 17th birthday, our youngest son’s 14th birthday and our oldest daughter and son-in-law’s 5th wedding anniversary. My head was spinning by the time the month came to an end and I was on sugar overload!

Here are some more facts about the month of June. I’m using this great list method found on my dear friend Susan’s blog. I don’t think she’ll mind. Just picture the words, “What I’m” in front of each topic.

LOVING:  Spending so much time with my two grandbabies, as my daughter and her family have moved in with us temporarily.

READING: While I have quite the “to-be-read” list going, I can hardly stay awake to read. But I’m reading a lot of great blogs through the BlogLovin app.

LISTENING TO:  Hillsong and Bethel worship. I can’t get enough!

SHOPPING FOR:  Deals for outdoor play items for my two year old grandson, as well as outdoor patio furniture.

EXCITED ABOUT:  Looser fitting clothing. I lost almost 8 pounds in the month of June.

WORKING ON: Healthy habits — eating better, getting more sleeping, drinking more water.

ENJOYING: Warmer weather and longer daylight hours.

USING: My Kindle Fire more to read books.

WEARING: Capris and flip flops.

PLANNING: My 30th wedding anniversary weekend getaway with my husband for mid-August. Not sure if it will be Monterey, San Francisco, or somewhere in between, or both!

SINGING: “God won’t give up on me.” It’s truth and something I came out of the shower singing earlier in the month. A great daily reminder.

LEARNING:  To bend with the wind and go where the Spirit of God leads me.

I'm learning to bend with the wind and go where the Spirit of God leads me. Click To Tweet

WISHING (praying) FOR:  A closer relationship with my husband, rekindled love, more communication. The events over the last several years have changed us, but we are committed to one another and to our marriage.

DOING: Too much, I am sure.

DREAMING OF: Financial freedom. Some day.

NOT CRAZY (sad) ABOUT: The disordered state of my home. I’ve really got to stick with my cleaning/organizing routines otherwise things get out of control fast.

How was your June? Please share in the comments below. If you do a monthly recap, send me the link so I can visit you.