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The Weekly Spread # 4 – Goopy Chicken

I received a lot of interest from last week’s menu plan, which included one of our family favorites, Goopy Chicken. One of my son’s gave it this name because it’s, well, goopy, and it’s much easier to say, “We are having goopy chicken tonight” than saying “We are having chicken...


The Weekly Spread #3

I missed sharing our weekly spread post last week.  Honestly, menu planning has been hit or miss around hear. Last week I sat with my daughter to plan our menus but got no where. She’s sick and I’m brain dead from work and well, we ate on the fly last...


The Weekly Spread #1

Since my daughter and her family moved in with us last year, we try to get together on the weekend to plan meals for the following week. Since she doesn’t have a car most days, and I work full time, it’s imperative that we plan ahead where we can. Things...