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The Truth About Fear, Communion and Health

When I began the Write31Days challenge on October 1st, I had high hopes of finishing strong. I met so many beautiful writers in our Facebook group, and even had the privilege of assisting many with their buttons and landing pages. October started out strong and I wrote for 7 days...

We’re Better Together 18

We’re Better Together

My journey of writing began a long time ago.  As a teenager, I had a hard time expressing how I felt so that others would understand.  So, I resorted to poetry.  Most of it was dark (I didn’t know the Lord then), and sad.  I regret that I did not...

On Writing Brave {Part 2} 21

On Writing Brave {Part 2}

A few days after writing this post on writing brave, God began to reveal more to my heart.  So this is Part 2 of my own journey of writing brave. There is a certain level of vulnerability when we accept the challenge to write brave.  Once we say yes, there...