The Book

I’ve had a dream in my heart for a long time to put my words into a book. Not to make a name for myself, but first to give Him glory, and next to provide a way for you, my readers, to have in your hands love letters from Jesus that would remind you not only of who you are, but who it is that you belong to.

Coffee Talk With Jesus – Intimate Chats With the Savior was released on Amazon on November 18, 2013. It is available both in soft cover and for Kindle.

BookCover2-finalHere are what some are saying about Coffee Talk with Jesus:

Barbie Swihart, in her book Coffee Talk with Jesus, Intimate Chats with the Savior, makes that possible in an interesting, Spiritual and artful way for a 31 day journey. You smell the coffee and feel the warmth on your fingertips. You laugh, you cry and you share the real world together. It is a special place and she takes us there. You will never be the same again. You will never look at Jesus the same. You will never smell the aroma of coffee the same. Expect something new…expect something intimate…expect something real.*Chris Malkemes


As a wife, mom, mentor, writer and full time employee my schedule is pretty full and my days are very busy. While I definitely make time to spend with my Savior I haven’t been so great about slowing down long enough to prepare my heart to have him commune with me. And sometimes my to do list is so long that when I start my day I am already whizzing through. I’ve been following Barbie’s blog for over a year and I knew I’d have to buy this right away. She didn’t disappoint! After reading Day 1 this morning I felt myself physically and mentally slow down. My prayer time was somehow different and my entire day was impacted. Barbie’s words, the questions she presented and the prayer at the end of Day 1 all prepared my heart for a different kind of “chat” with Jesus. The position of my heart is somehow leaning in, a little closer to Him. I couldn’t help but take a sneak peak ahead…looking forward to the next 29 days with this book!*Diana Denis


I never realized how much I needed to read this book until I started to dig into it. 31 days of a coffee date with Jesus. That’s literally what it feels like. Only reading the words of this gem of a book made me feel more like I was sitting in the Father’s lap, His arms wrapped lovingly around me, as He whispered His love and His promises to me day after day. Barbie has a way with words, as though she dipped into the depths of her own broken self and shared a reflection of what her quiet time with Jesus might sound like. She inspires, encourages, and is so relatable and down to earth. Just read her blog, My Freshly Brewed Life, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about! But first, get this book! Coffee Talk with Jesus is a great devotional for the busy woman. You can literally spend 10 minutes each morning reading through the devotion for that day, journal a few notes of reflection (there are questions in the book for you to think about as well as writing space), and pray over it. You’ll also be blessed with coffee related recipes slipped in here and there throughout the pages. Get this book for yourself. Get it for a friend, too. It’s really really good!*Rosann Cunningham


Coffee Talk with Jesus is the perfect devotional for women! Divided into 31 daily readings, along with a reflection and prayer, it reminds women of their true identity in Christ based on what Jesus said in scripture. This book has been eye-opening to me as I realized I often believe lies from the world instead of God’s truth. Coffee Talk with Jesus will help your soul to know who you are in Christ. It will reveal to you areas in your thinking that do not line-up with God’s Word. And it will lead you to the peace Jesus longs for you to experience. Plus, there are fun coffee-related recipes sprinkled throughout!*Brenda


I have to admit that I’m not really a coffee drinker. But I do love tea. And I do love quiet time with Jesus. So I’m thinking that makes up for me not liking coffee! Believe me when I say this is a book you are gonna want to get! Barbie Swihart has set this up as a 31-day devotional book, with space for you to journal and pray, as well as some encouraging scriptures and prayers to go along with each day. And as an additional encouragement to the reader, Barbie has included some of her favorite recipes. It’s a ministry of scripture and food! From the beginning, Barbie calls us to set aside that special time to spend with Jesus and in the Word of God every day. That’s the only way we are going to really get to know Him. But to do that, we have to be intentional about setting aside that time…willing to let go of other things we could be doing right then…and trust that time spent with Him is more than worth it. I also loved Barbie’s sweet encouragement for us as women to live in the reality of who God has called us to be. She challenges us to let go of the misconceptions we have about ourselves, and to hold tightly to all that God says is true about us as His beloved daughters. This little devotional book has the power to draw you in, to guide you to that intimate time with Jesus, and to revolutionize your relationship with Him. I encourage you to get a copy today!*Holly Barrett


Coffee Talk With Jesus: Intimate Chats With The Savior is written as if Jesus is at the kitchen table with you, sipping on Breakfast Blend Brew while you enjoy each other’s company. Or maybe you’re eating coffee toffee bars or it’s chocolate mint coffee {there are quite a few wonderful recipes in the book as well!} Barbie Swihart has a way of showing you glimpses of Him for a few minutes each day. That’s all this book requires–just enough time to finish your morning cup of coffee. And she goes one further as she makes you commit while offering these moments of reflection. This safe place to pen your own response of what God is sharing with you each day. She invites you to look at Him and within, to where He should be, and see if there’s anything blocking you from having the kind of relationship you both long for. It’s an easy read that you could take one step further. I enjoyed where it brought me. And if you enjoyed “Jesus Calling” or other devotionals that reveal how real and personal you can take your relationship with Him, you’ll enjoy this one, too.*Nikki


Coffee Talk With Jesus is available on Amazon in both soft cover and Kindle.