All Moved In!

Well, for the most part anyways.  We started early and moved all of the furniture, and most of the boxes into the new house today.  I am exhausted.  It was quite a chore.  At one point, all of the guys got together and debated as to how to get my daughter’s piano up the stairs:
(They did manage to get it up the stairs, making her extremely happy!)
We still have a lot of stuff at the old house.  We have a few weeks before we have to officially vacate, so I will be going back and forth and grabbing stuff and cleaning here and there.  Here’s a picture of what my kitchen looked like last night:

(I am sure going to miss my kitchen remodel, which my hubby did!)

I just wanted to say thank you all for keeping us in prayer this last week.  We really appreciate it!  I will hopefully be back to a more regular blogging schedule beginning Monday.

Until then, have a great weekend!

15 thoughts on “All Moved In!”

  1. Kate says:

    Usually I would say congratulations on the move, but I am still sad that you had to move in the first place. I happy, though, that things went smoothly and that you and your family have a place to stay. I will keep praying for you …


  2. ~Laura says:

    Hope the rest of the move goes well. Nice kitchen!

  3. Eldarwen says:

    Oh wow! You're moving. lol 😀 Sorry I haven't been here in a while. Guess I've missed out on quite a bit.

    Moving is not one of my favorite things. My room alone took about 30-40 boxes to pack. :O Haha, no joke. 🙂 Don't worry though, I got rid of almost all my junk, which was really nice once I moved into my new room. It felt so spacious and clean. When we were finally in our new house everyone let out a deep breath. It was such a great feeling of accomplishment!

    Happy moving! 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Rose says:

    Congratulations on making the move, Barbie! I hope it wasn't too stressful. May the Lord bless you in this new home (and maybe your husband can remodel this new kitchen, too!)

    In Christ,
    Elizabeth Rose

  5. Amanda Daybyday says:

    Oh, you're kitchen looks a lot like my kitchen that my hubby redid last year. We're planning a move in the next year or so and I too will miss our kitchen. Hoping you find joy and contentment in your new home!

  6. Heidi says:

    Glad to hear that the move is going smoothly and that you have a few weeks to transition the rest of your stuff.

  7. NanaNor's says:

    HI dear friend, So glad most of the move is behind you. I too, would have been sad to leave such a beautiful kitchen but I know the Lord has many rich blessings ahead of you all. Hang in there-wish I could come help. Hugs and prayers to you.

  8. stacey29lincoln says:

    Moving is truly physical, spiritual, and emotional! Sometimes it takes everything we have and then some! New beginnings – though sometimes not our idea are always God's idea.

    May your new home be filled with His love! And all who enter there be touched by Him.

    Thanks for linking up at 29lincolnavenue in the midst of your crazy week! I am so glad to meet you!

  9. partialemptynester says:

    Yay for all those males helping you move…I'm sure you were appreciative that you weren't the one having to move that piano 😉

    Still praying as you complete the move, cleaning, etc…

  10. Amanda says:

    Moving and the whole upheaval can be so exhausting, draining and stressful. I am thankful the Lord would be there to supernaturally strengthen you during this time!

  11. Esther says:

    Happy that the move went well! You've got a lot on your plate…praying for you!

  12. Jeanine says:

    Isn't moving FUN? We just went through it in May and we still have some stuff down at the old house, too (which is only a few houses down from the new one). Your piano photo/story sounded familiar, too, as we have an old upright that we eventually had to call a piano mover to bring to the new house. It was just too.darn.heavy.
    Good luck with the rest of your move. Hope it goes well and that you're feeling settled and at home in no time!
    Peace and blessings to your day.

  13. Alexandra says:

    Hang in there, Barbie! I'm sure you'll get through the 'moving process' which includes the loading, unloading, and everything in between :).

  14. DORCAS says:

    Yes! Praise God! I hope all is well and things are settling in for you.


    Will keep you in my prayers


  15. ginahyatt says:

    You are so strong and amazing! A move after 16 years is quite a trial in itself, I am so encouraged by your strength! – gina

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