Embracing The Winds of Change

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When the winds of change come, do you turn and walk the other direction, or do you lean into the wind, embracing it, anxious to see where it might take you?
This was my Facebook status tonight, just as I am getting this post written and heading off to bed.  I was reading through my journal tonight and I was stuck on a particular word the Lord spoke to me back in April of this year.  I had been sitting in the Prayer Room, and listening to a song that made reference to letting the wind blow, about not being afraid, and facing the wind. (Misty Edwards, Fling Wide).  This is what God spoke to me:

I am bringing the winds of change.  You have two choices.  You can allow yourself to be caught up in fear and doubt and allow yourself to become immobilized, unable to move, OR you can embrace the winds of change.  Will you choose to trust that I will guide your course?

There are a few “winds of change” that I am facing right now in my life.  My desire is to lean into the wind, to fully embrace it, trusting that God will carry me through.  However, sometimes in my human state and in my weakness, I want to turn, and run in the opposite direction of the wind.  But when I choose to run away, it is no longer the wind of the Spirit of God that carries me.  But it is my flesh that carries me.

I won’t be afraid
I will face the wind
I won’t be afraid
I’ll embrace the flame

When the winds come, at times they come with such force and strength that it catches me off guard.  In those moments, will I choose to trust, facing the wind and embracing the flame?  God does not promise that it will not be painful at times, these winds of change.  But He does promise that if we will lean into it, surrender to it, He will bring us through, unscaved and much stronger.
The wind blows wherever it wants. Just as you can hear the wind but can’t tell where it comes from or where it is going, so you can’t explain how people are born of the Spirit. (John 3:8)

Are you facing the winds of change in your life?  Trust the Lord.  Lean into the wind and hear what the Spirit of God is saying to you in this season.  Then, embrace it and allow the wind of the Spirit to carry you to your next destination.

21 thoughts on “Embracing The Winds of Change”

  1. Miki says:

    Well written post with a timely message…I love wind so much. But right now it is hard for me to see God in the turbulence. Your words, even what the Lord spoke to you, minister to my heart and give me hope. I pray for you to have an abiding peace in the midst of all of the changes taking place in your life. Thank you for sharing so honestly 🙂 MIKI

  2. Rachel says:

    Wonderfully stated, Barbie.

    "Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding."

    It is so hard, isn't it? Especially on the days when the wind is super strong and fierce.

    Love ya.


  3. Melody says:

    Oh, this is really great insight. Thank you for sharing. I needed to hear this today. I desire to lean into his leading as well but miserably fail at times and end up doing what I think He is calling me to do but in my own freaking strength messing the whole thing up. Indeed I am a work in progress.

  4. Stephanie M. Page says:

    Beautiful Post Barbie, beautiful reminder. God is so faithful and works in ways we TRULY can't see. You are a testimony of His Faithfulness!

  5. Elizabeth Rose says:

    Beautiful post, Barbie. I think I would fall under the class of one of those people who shudder away from the winds. Perhaps I need to work on that!

    Thanks for posting!

    In Christ,
    Lizzy Rose

  6. LeAnna says:

    I can fully relate to this! My life has been turned around and upside down in all sorts of ways the past few months. Love that Misty Edwards song, too. When the wind blows, we have a cornerstone.

  7. Bina says:

    Never been one for change and yet…it seems that I should just get on board with it as my life has been nothing BUT change-on-a-stick 🙂

    Great post…

  8. Hannah says:

    Wonderful post, Barbie! This is so true – it can be hard to trust in the Lord at all times, but in the long run, it's much, much easier than trying to do it on our own!

    Love and Blessings,

  9. Pam Ponder says:

    what an awesome post one I really needed to hear today thanks so much for sharing this, this is something I truley need to work on…

  10. Loren says:

    Oh Barbie~ good word today! I used to think I embraced change but as I get older I clearly see I am deceived HA imagine that ….my flesh deceiving me! 😉

    Thank you for this timely word and I know surrendering and allowing the Lord to work and change me is all a gift! Getting on the other side I will be more than thankful!

    Love you my friend

  11. anythingbutperfect says:

    thank you for this reminder. I feel like my mind has been going crazy recently with all the change that is happening in my life. thank you for the reminder of Who is in control and how I should respond. Hope you are having a blessed day!

  12. Kate says:


    thank you for sharing this! I really needed to be reminded of this … it can be such a scary thing to lean into the wind of change ,not knowing what change will bring and it can be difficult to just trust and have faith. However, when we give into our fear it gets even harder to face any kind of situation.


  13. NanaNor's says:

    Blessings to you Barbie, Have I told you how much your posts always minister to me?! If not hear this-the Lord is using you to touch the lives of others. I would love to be upholding you during this "windy" period-feel free to email me any needs.
    Have a Sun-drenched weekend.

  14. DebC says:

    Wonderful imagery.
    I'll remember this.
    Thank you.

  15. Paula says:

    Yes, yes, yes…winds of change. I'm so thankful that there is someone like you who has been blown in the same direction as I have. Love you…

  16. Dionna says:

    I really needed your post tonight. Thanks so much for sharing these words and reminding me to not let fear immobilize and freeze me but to instead lean into the wind and see where it takes me.

  17. Carolyn says:

    Ohh Barbie, sitting reading with tears in
    My eyes, again today I bought my toddler home from hospital and the wind feels like it is sooo strong and will sweep me clean away. Your post just touched my heart so- like God spoke it directly to me via you

    "  God does not promise that it will not be painful at times, these winds of change.  But He does promise that if we will lean into it, surrender to it, He will bring us through, unscaved and much stronger."

    Thank you sweet sister

  18. Traci Michele says:

    Wonderful Truth Barbie! Thank you!

  19. Cathy says:

    Thanks for that encouraging post.

  20. ginahyatt says:

    very good word! ahhhh the wind!!

  21. V says:

    thanx Barb. I needed "i wont be afraid i will face the wind i wont be afraid ill embrace the flame" Had a dream of being in an accident. Well my friend was as she was driving, but we werent hurt PHEW and apparently it means youre anxious about something and youre not in control of your life. The car represents you so if you arent driving youre not in control…. wasdistressed at first but i know now God is controlling and thats ok… thanx

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