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  1. Barbie,

    This was so needed right now for me! Thank you so much for sharing! And those verses were perfect. I have this verse on my entrance of the house ( matthew 25:33) but sometimes I pass it by not giving it a glance. Thanks for the reminder that he does give us everything we need. In every aspect!
    ~blessings to you my dear friend


  2. AMEN Barbie! Keep remembering the things that matter most – we are leaving a Kingdom legacy behind for our children. Not a kingdom.

    Daily I pray for our children to want less and to understand that God has already given them everything they will ever need through the blood of their Savior!

    Blessings and grace,

  3. Barbie, you are definitely using this season of your lives to teach some valuable lessons to your children. I'm sure they will be all the better because of it. At the same time, I know it must be very hard at times and I pray the Lord will encourage you and lighten your burden each day. Hugs!

  4. Hammy downs….cute.
    Even though it is hard to tell our kids no, I think it is teaching them invaluable lessons that they will draw on their whole lives. I remind my kids that they have everything they need and most things that they want, we are very blessed!
    I bet you will have a wonderful Christmas, minus much consumerism. Bless you, Barbie!
    Love, Traci

  5. I can so feel your heart in this post, and mine aches with you. On one hand, what really matters becomes so clear, yet to be able to enjoy those extras… You have a beautiful heart, one that honors God. It's what your children will remember long after the temporal desires/thrills of today have passed by, and it's a blessing beyond anything that can be purchased. MIKI

  6. Thank you for sharing this post! I think we all get caught up in the wants instead of the needs. And you are so right, the stuff is not what matters most. Very beautifully written!

  7. I can relate to your trials. God is good and provides our needs. I also have been finding more resourceful ways. And I LOVE that phrase "hammy" downs! lol I'll use it.

  8. I love your attitude. We talked about this in Sunday school this morning.
    Philippians 4:19
    "And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus."

  9. It is so hard having to try and explain to children.
    You mentioned ebay and craigslist, have you heard of freecycle? Sometimes people put really good stuff on it and the good thing is it's free.
    Oh and you mentioned movies, I've gotten where we use Netflex or Redbox.
    Netflex is 10.00 a month unlimited movies. Either watch them through a wii or playstation, or you can request them to be sent to your home. Return envelope included, so you don't pay postage to send it back.
    Redbox is $1.00 a night.

  10. I'm so glad I was pointed toward your blog; it was a reminder to me of God's provision and my needed stewardship as a parent. Thanks!

  11. It's not a bad thing for kids to know the meaning of the word "no". There are way too many kids out there who don't have that in their vocabulary. And, it will teach them to be frugal.

  12. Wow…very deep post and so rich in God's truths. It is so obvious you have grown in this season of your life and continue to do so. Still, I know it's very hard. As a wife of an unemployed husband (times 6 months now), I can so relate. I like you, am thankful for this season in our lives. One lesson I've learned is that when my Husband does find work, I will continue to live a frugal lifestyle…first to save in case we experience another season like this one, and secondly, to bless others who are less fortunate than we are. Much love to you sweet sister. ((Hugs))

  13. Barbie, what an open and honest post my friend.

    You are right about what matters most.

    As I was growing up, I didn't get everything I wanted and I didn't know any different. I didn't have Levi jeans until my SISTER was old enough to buy me a pair. I didn't have Bass sandals (do you remember how popular they were?) when everyone else did …

    Praise God you are leaving your children a godly heritage. What better treasure? Ok, you've got a blog post stirring in my heart.

    Love & hugs,

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