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  1. this is such a great post! i just went through the dentist thing with asher and so i can elate to your illustration. great reminder that God allowing the pain is actually to my benefit to grow in Him. great encouragement and i always love john 15!

  2. Oh Barbie…I could have wrote this also..well not as good, but the same thoughts. First we are going through the dental thing with our son..and I sooooooo understand the guilt thing and also watching them go through it.
    The illustration you continued with is also me!
    Thanks so much for sharing…I read and prayed with it as I went through your post.
    My heart is in the same place!

  3. Amen! Amen! 🙂
    Thanks for your powerful post! I'm consistently praying for the Lord to "eradicate" any unhealthy roots in my life (bad roots = bad fruit!). Your words really encouraged me (as always, Barbie!). Thanks for sharing!
    Blessings to you~
    Cindy 🙂

  4. Barbie, so often the Gardener's pruning is painful, yet so necessary. I want to bear fruit. I must be willing to get rid of the disease. So ultimately, I must trust Him.

  5. Great post, Barbie! I, too, long to bear good fruit for Him. I trust that the challenges that our family has been through, and the ones I personally have been through, are for my own good. I know that He is teaching me every day! Thank you for this great reminder and encouragement…

    Living for Him, Joan

  6. Beautiful post! I love how the Lord speaks to us through everyday life experiences. Love the roots and that allowing Him to have His will, equipps us to bear fruit! Thanks for sharing today!

  7. Oh what a great post! It's so important for us to be careful of what we allow ourselves to read & watch. We have to be our own gatekeepers in order to stay holy before God. Thanks for the inspiration today. I'm glad to hear your daughter doesn't hate you forever 😉

  8. God is a Master Gardener. He knows exactly what He is doing. He allows us to see what is in our hearts and yes, out of love, will extract what is not needed. It only serves to make our smile better and our heart glad. Thanks for sharing.

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