Cultivating A Heart Of Love — 15 Comments

  1. Standing in the gap for you, my friend…praying not for strength, but for total reliance on God in your weakened state.

  2. Oh I have to say…I went back and looked at your date…it was Tuesday your posted this, I posted on Friday about prayer, what is so awesome is I came here on Saturday and your words just laced with the ones God has been giving me…what an awesome God that when He speaks so many of us are hearing the same thing and then are encouraged along the journey by someone else speaking the repeated words.

  3. Oh Mike Bickle…haven't heard his name in years. Awesome word…last year my word was cultivate…this year I am planting…so this is another confirming word…thanks for sharing and blessings to you!

  4. Thank you for your authenticity and transparency, Barbie. May God empower you with His strength, and open your eyes to ALL He wants to show you during this fast. Praying for you!
    Cindy 🙂

  5. Barbie, That seed can hurt at times…but we must trust. I look at the scars on my Savior's hands and say, "It is worth it."

  6. Love this post and love that picture 🙂 It is amazing how God shows up when we fully seek Him. Praying for you as you continue to seek Him and allow Him to move in you

  7. I so appreciated and related to your blog. I have ventured recently into the blogging world and have discovered so many beautiful sisters who long for a loving, intimate relationship with our Father. I feel your longing and join you in cultivating this type of relationship. God is calling us to come beyond the veil and experience His overwhelming love. I'm so glad I found your blog! It touched my heart and I will return to hear what else God is saying through you. I'm right there in this wonderful quest!

  8. I went on a 21 day fast once, drinking only 6 ounces of juice and plenty of water per day for 21 days. I lost 21 pounds, but the best part was what it did for my spirit. There is a peace and intimatcy with God that can be acheived through this type of extended fast that can't be experienced any other way. Not this side of heaven anyway. To describe it to someone who hasn't experienced it is impossible. Denying the flesh for that long puts you so in tune with the only thing on earth that you need, it's just an amazing thing. I hope to do one again before long. ~ I pray for these blessing to come for you in this fasting time and in the year ahead.

  9. To spend time simply in His presence is a blessing that we should all remember. So often we get caught up in what we are doing that we "forget" to develop and nurture our relationship with God. Thanks for the great reminder.

    Blessings, Joan

  10. Beautifully written-wish we lived near one another-I would love to get together to visit with you-to pray with you-to just be your friend. You are such a joy to call a friend-your love for Jesus just shines through you.
    I too want to "be" in His presence-not feel like I am doing it just being there-serving Him in every way-be and example of Christ to all those around me. I know I fall so short of that many many days.
    I will be praying for you-praying for your fasting time.
    Thanks for touching my heart with you post today.
    Happy Day!

  11. Oh Sister, I understand! I love what you shared by Mike Bickle, "The anointing to be able to respond to God in love is not something that is automatic. It is cultivated." So true!

    I also understand the demands on your time. If I don't deny myself sleep and get up early, it is nearly impossible to find time alone.

    I pray this will be a year of knowing Him even MORE intimately as you seek His face.


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