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  1. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing openly. I think giving God our heart involves a depth of giving that is often painful. I've been undone too this past weekend.

  2. Dear Barbie,
    I wanted to share a post that I wrote because with what you shared I thought what the Lord has been minstering to my heart, might minister to yours too. If you belong to Him He has given you a new heart, you jsut need the courage to follow after the promptings of the new heart He has placed in you! The post I am reffing to is titled Letters to Juliet. Love in Him, Ruth

  3. I have tears, thanks for your honesty. Our God is so personal and real. When you said you were undone, it reminded me of Isaiah and how he was also undone in the presence of the Holy God.

    Sounds like you had a beautiful Valentines day! Love to you Barbie!!

  4. Love that picture. What a hard thing to do give God our hearts completely and allow Him to give us a new heart. Praying for you to fully surrender to what God has in store for you next.

  5. Beautiful post Barbie. I know how you feel. It always helps me to remember that God's love runs past our flaws and breaks down the walls that we once held on to. Remember that He loves you and will never, ever leave you!

  6. Hi Barbie,
    Isn't it amazing what comes out of fasting and pray? Praise God you are in a new level with Him!!!!! Awesome! But, it sure does hurt! I know I have been there and moving in closer at drastic super speed and it is so scary, letting go of what was. It is ok though for what He has is even better but be prepared you sure do lose yourself and give up things of 'you' that you never thought you could.

    Hang on for the ride it hurts but is well worth the prize.

    Praying sis,

  7. Moving post, Barbie.

    This really struck me:

    "There are things in my heart that keep me from pursuing my Beloved the way I desire to. These things keep me in a place of unworthiness and insignificance and prevent me from moving forward in my pursuit of Him."

    I think that the times that we struggle the most with feelings of unworthiness and insignificance are the times when we aren't abiding in the Vine. He is the source of all life, fullness and significance.

    I know that the less I am drawing near to Him, the more I become like a useless, dried up branch!

  8. Beautiful and transparent Barbie. I know how you feel — looking back at all of the "what if .." and missed opportunities. I guess that is why Paul said NOT TO LOOK BACK but to press forward. We have today.

    I pray God will show you the root and that you will allow Him to remove it gently — freeing the spot for your NEW heart. <3

    Love you,

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